Mast Banarasi Paan- Delicious Paans for the Whole Family


Paan is an integral part of the Indian cuisine. Indian food being spicy, tangy and tasteful requires a mouth freshener at the end. That is where Paans come in. And where there is Paan, there is Mast Banarasi Paan. Mast Banarasi Paan is the household name on everyone’s lips when it comes to the freshener. They are the industry standard and the eminent manufacturers, exporters, importers and suppliers of some of the most innovative and mouth watering Paans. We had an Interview with the CEO of the Company, Mr. P.N. Thakur and we closely got  to know about India’s Favourite Mouth Freshener and how the company provides these delicacies to its customers. 

  Why did you choose this industry? How was your journey? What
were the challenges you faced?
Mast Banarasi Paan Started with vision to be a healthy and delicious option to customer who are looking something delicious, safe, hygienic and healthy at the same time. To create a safe space for Family, specifically women and children, they have created a claiming and welcoming place savour the taste of Banarasi Paan while being outdoors.
There are certain things which motivated me to come in this industry.
a. Low investment & high profit margin for partners
b. Regular income source
c. Wellness desert products
d. Easy to monitor and control
e. There are more option to earn income like Home delivery, Retail and
Journey was super with learning in Indian market appreciated this concept because before our concept there was no option for family to go and enjoy real taste of Banarasi paan with safety and hygienic
Just wining the believe of people about this concept can be also available. We made awareness about this concept then they started liking. People were not aware about this kind of business.

  What are the pertinent skills you look for in a franchisee and what is your role as a business owner?
There are certain skills in franchisee business-
1. You have to be clear about your offering
2. Clear and fixed solution for delivery of your offering
3. Finding a Right partner for brand
4. Marketing and innovation
My role –
1. Thinking innovative and implementing this aim which help to our
franchise partner
2. Adding the product line which help partner to generate more income.
3. Observation from lower to management level and accordingly to taking
steps to resolve and giving solution.

  How can social media help you develop your business and in reaching to the targeted audience?
 Today social media is the backbone of any business. Now in our case social media is the key factor to make a brand famous and helping is our business and as well as it was easy for people connect us directly.

  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  Currently I focus present market demand and giving our best to fulfil and meeting the market expectation. Recently we have started inviting international franchise also already we have given franchise in Nepal. So in coming five years we are looking forward to serve our delicious Banarasi Paan in World level.

  Any anecdotes or achievements you would like to share?
  Today more than 150+ Franchise in every part of India. This is the first brand in the Paan Industry in India. 300+ semi-skilled staffs has been employed in this industry.

  Any tips you can give to business heads and entrepreneurs stepping out to start fresh?
  Yes, I would like to share my experience it might help-
1. Think different and work in a proper way on your idea.
2. Your own innovative ideas can make you successful. They shouldn’t be copied.

  Please share the franchise facts of your brand with us.
  There are many facts-
1. Unique Model which we have innovated this idea in India.
2. This fit for Small investor to big level investors.
3. Low investment and high profit margin business.
4. Taste and quality
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