National Olympiad Foundation acquires Edurer

National Olympiad Foundation acquired the 2016 established education startup, Edurer. The deal has been done in part-cash and part-equity. The founders of Edurer, along with this acquisition will also occupy top management spots in the firm.

Edurer’s vision is to provide quality, enhanced, gamified and personalised education to students.

Anjali Bansiwal, Edurer CEO, said, “We are quite excited about the deal. NOF is one of the best educational companies in the country who are outright addressing educational issues at the root level and trying to find solutions to such problems. Their knowledge in the particular niche will be of immense use in developing the AI-based learning platform.”

Sandesh Vyas, Co-Founder and CEO, National Olympiad Foundation, stated, “The acquisition of Edurer was a strategic decision as they are working on technology to develop K-12 Domain using advanced algorithms and cognitive technologies.”

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