North Indian Restaurants the Fastest Growing Chains in India

chole-bhatureAuthentic North Indian Food Franchising

The flavour of authentic Indian food makes buying a franchise within this industry a truly unique opportunity. Known for its use of traditional and home grown spices and herbs, the Indian cuisine is a perfect reflection of the country’s rich culture. Just like Indian culture, Indian food gets diverse with changing demography and geography.

The Indian food services market are more or less north Indian in origin, with every third restaurant offering a menu loaded with items from that cuisine. The sophisticated yet fine use of spices and herbs in this cuisine has made it popular among all consumers.

The traditional preparation, the carefully crafted dishes, mouth-watering menus combine to create a unique dining experience. Thus, owning a north Indian food franchise in India gives the opportunity to expand your community’s cultural horizons, while serving delicious meals.

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Restaurants Offering North Indian Cuisine – Low Cost Franchise

India is a country where people have different taste patterns from one state to other. Moreover, in a world of burgers, pizzas and other fast food items, it becomes more challenging for the chefs and cooks to create unique north Indian dishes in order to tempt the people equally as the fast food chains.

Few well-known brands who managed to stood among the various fast food outlets are; Wah Ji Wah, Punjab Grill, Moti Mahal Delux, Suruchi and many more. In addition, owners have opted for franchising in order to expand their businesses in various other parts of the country.

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Benefits Provided by the Franchisor to the Franchisee

Success of any franchisee business model is directly related to the relationship between both the parties that is the franchisor and franchisee. Thus, various benefits given to the franchisees by the franchisors in order to run a profitable franchise business in India are:
•  franchise fees, with hiExperience and know-how to do the business
• Complete support to our franchisee in terms of marketing, staff assistance, training of manpower etc.
• Low cost model with minimumgh returns on investment

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