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Offering Master Franchisee to expand the “Healthy Dessert” Trend

Hug! Frozen deliciousness is the first healthy dessert lounge in Punjab. After experiencing success in Ludhiana, they launched other stores in Jalandhar & Amritsar and now looking to expand in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and nearby areas. They are looking for Franchisee Partners for the same. They are also offering Master Franchisee for a Tri-City deal.

NAHAR Group is planning to expand its chain Hug Food pvt ltd that offers with a range of the freshest ice-cream flavours that would stimulate your palate. Our menu is designed especially for you, so indulge yourself in making your ice cream fantasies come true!

Goody Goody Gelato (Gelato) 31 Flavours
Frozen Deliciousness (Frozen Yogurt) 9 Flavours
Gelato Cakes – 5 Varieties
Poofy Poofy (Cotton Candy)- – 7 Varieties
Hot Shots (Hot Drinks)- Esspresso, Americano, Capucinno, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate
Cool shots – Affagato, Choco frappe, Chilled coffee, Smoothies (4 Flavours), Coolers (5 Flavours), Frosstea (2 Flavours), Shakes (6 Varieties)
Cup Cakes – 11 Varieties
Stuffed Donut – 8 Varieties
Ring Donut – 14 Varieties
Hug Bites – 7 Varieties
Sundaes – 14 Varieties
Choco Combos – 4 Varieties
Waffle Cone – 6 Varities
Sauces – 6 Varities
Toppings – 27 Varieties
Pizza – 6 Varieties
Pasta –  4 Varieties
Crapes – 4 varieties
Breads – 6 Varieties
Sandwiches – Many varieties as per combinations demanded by customers
Cakes – Options to create multiple varieties of cake

The biggest USP of our brand is the product quality. We only use natural flavors imported directly from Italy. We have gelatos not ice creams that mean it has zero air content, is creamier and loads of other benefits our yogurts are unique and not available with any other brands. Most of our gelatos are gluten free and all our Yogurts are 97 percent fat free. We do not use any preservatives or additives. We have maximum varieties of toppings and flavors. We regularly change our flavors and have a Flavor of the Day rotating every day. We have opted for the self serve format, because it gives more freedom to he customer to customize their product and unlike all the other brands, we don’t restrict the customers to choose only a fixed number of toppings. The customer is free to choose as many toppings as they want can even mix up to six flavors of Yogurt without any additional charges.

Hug! Frozen deliciousness franchising is healthy business

Our franchise opportunities are designed to help you build a strong business and make a positive impact in your community.

Healthy opportunity

With a small footprint, low investment cost and high potential for growth in a flourishing market category, this is one opportunity you don’t want to miss.

  Benefits for Master Franchise:

Master franchise fee investment is no of possible outlets x franchise fee x 50%

He gets his entire master franchise fee returned when he completes his number of outlet as he will be getting a share of 50% of franchise fee.

Master franchise investment in storage & Supply will be approx 20 lakhs (one time)

Total sale for master franchise will be company sales x8% which can be approx Rs100000 per month if he has 25 outlets under him with company sale of Rs500000 each outlet.

Operating expenses will be approx Rs400000 per month

Net profit will be Rs600000 per month

Master franchise earning will be valid for 9 years and even after his fee 100% return he can earn Rs600000x9yearsx12months

About Company

NAHAR Group of Companies also known as OWM Group is a leading industrial house of northern India, continuously growing and diversifying its activities for economic prosperity of its shareholders and stakeholders, while engaging itself to the well being of Community and environment.
Emanating in 1949 as a small woolen worsted spinner and Hosiery manufacturer, Group has grown itself as leading textile giant of Northern India manufacturing.
In addition to these major activities, Group is diversifying into new areas and as on date Group is engaged into Sugar Manufacturing, BOPP film, Investments, Lending, Financial Advisory, Solar Power Generation, Wind Mills and Non-Conventional Co- Generation Power Plant etc.
Productive work environment, Corporate Governance, Healthy business ethics, continuous improvement and dynamic employee engagement have been the key to our excellence as an Industry Leader.


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