Pizza Da Dhaba: The Best Franchise Opportunity in fast food industry

Pizza Da Dhaba is one of the leading and most customer centric fast food brands which is looking for its PAN INDIA franchise expansion in a very aggressive manner. Pizza Da Dhaba offers exceptional combination of fast food products to its customers offering them the most customer satisfying experience. Pizza Da Dhaba is known for offering extremely authentic and extremely tasty fast food products ranging from pizzas, mocktails, sandwiches, burgers etc.

Pizza Da Dhaba’s mantra is to offer the combination or we can say fusion of Indian fast food products with Western attitude to its customers and it is owing to this factor that Pizza Da Dhaba has seen so much success and fame in so little a time. At Pizza Da Dhaba we believe in providing the clients with the most authentic and the rightly prized fast food products.

Why Pizza Da Dhaba franchise?

Pizza Da Dhaba as a fast food brand is keen on its franchise expansion. The investment budget required for opening a Pizza Da Dhaba franchise is about 6-8 lacs and the minimum area requirement is of about 250 sq.ft . The other requirements for opening up a Pizza Da Dhaba franchise outlet are

1)     About 3-4 semi skilled or unskilled labours.

2)      Basic amenities like electricity and water.

Pizza Da Dhaba v/s other Brands

Pizza Da Dhaba believes in providing its customers with a great range of fast food products to its customers.

1)     Pizza Da Dhaba has a very organized and planned business franchise model. No dependency on skilled labours is needed in this unique food business model and on the contrary, if we talk about other fast food brands, they have a great amount of dependency on skilled labour and there is a great instability in pricing as well. So, investing in Pizza Da Dhaba is really a profitable franchise opportunity.

2)     Pizza Da Dhaba offers consistent taste as compared to other fast food brands for the consistency of which they can’t be relied upon.

3)     At Pizza Da Dhaba you will find the ambience which is completely technologically driven. Great assertion is laid upon hygiene, authenticity, pricing, customer experience and satisfaction.

4)     At Pizza Da Dhaba wastage is shunned. Great emphasis is laid upon minimum wastage which adds to the USP of this unique fast food brand.

5)     Pizza Da Dhaba is known for offering innovative fast food products which it constantly changes in its food menu. Innovation is one of the keys for long term success and Pizza Da Dhaba believes in this mantra and operates for long term success.


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