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RAIAA offers Abroad Franchise Opportunity, plans Pan India Expansion

RAIAA family always looks for venturing into partnerships with people having inclination towards starting a business and is hopeful to start up at least 6-9 franchisees in the coming two years.

Head quartered at New Delhi, RAIAA has today four branches in total. Understanding that business partners create a cloud of hands in delivery, it has conceptualized franchising the services to various parts of India and got into three more branches in Surat and Lucknow. These all branches are running with its own unit identity and enjoying RAIAA repute in their city and state.

India today has become a well integrated part of the global economy. Consequently, its population now aspires to imbibe the best that the world has to offer and education is top on their list. With young Indians increasingly heading overseas to be a part of top education institutions in the world, it has become imperative that they receive prudent guidance and options for them to be successful global professionals. RAIAA has been established with the sole purpose of serving Indian students wishing to study abroad, to be the leading facilitator for students and education institutions in promoting international education worldwide. Now it is in Lucknow.

Since 2007, we counsel students with a focus based on their academic performance, aptitudes, personality and special interest, while guiding and advising them on various options and academic pathways for them to achieve their educational objectives. RAIAA endeavors to offer a one-stop solution offering various services- from identifying the right University, program, country and a team of educationists that possess specialized skills with a local and global perspective of the education sector that meet the students needs and reflect the highest standards. Factors like identifying the right University, program, and country and with a local and global perspective of the education sector is our forte matching current international trends in educational delivery and career planning. As a result, we are able to provide carefully tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our students to achieve their educational objectives. RAIAA deals with many world class universities, colleges, institutes to its credit. It offers and invites students and their parents for free and very exclusive overseas education guidance starting from 11th to the highest level.

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