Real Estate Franchise Expansion in India

Real Estate Franchise Opportunity In India
Real Estate Franchise Opportunity In India

Real estate is one sector which is constantly expanding in India. Every new development in real estate segment are taking new heights and simultaneously generating more franchise opportunities in India. It is a highly profitable sector that also contributes in employment generation.

With increasing urbanization and demands for deluxe homes, real estate sector of India has become a fast growing Industry in Indian economy. To develop your business under this industry, FranchiseZing presents you various real estate franchise opportunities. Franchise opportunity in real estate includes – housing property, commercial property, real estate brokerage, renting service, leasing service, property selling etc.

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Advantageous of Owning a Real Estate Franchise

1) Maximum ROI (Returns on Investment): The buying and selling of property involves large amount of money thus, offering huge profit margins for the franchisees.

2) Profitable Opportunity: With the booming economy, the real estate franchising is considered to be the most profitable opportunity for the emerging entrepreneurs.

3) Healthy Contacts: Real estate franchising offers opportunities to enhance your contacts by dealing with the elite, bureaucrats, celebrities and many more big personalities.

Franchise Essentials

To take up a real estate franchise, one needs to have the following basic essentials that include:

Finance: An entrepreneur must have enough capital to maintain a good quality office. The real estate franchising requires an initial investment of approximately Rs 5-10 lakh.

Location: It is one of the most flexible sectors that can be located anywhere from a small town to a big city. It works efficiently and profitably almost everywhere, though the developing areas offer better opportunity.

Skills: As an entrepreneur, you are expected to have a good knowledge of the real estate and an ability to provide professional services. Besides, you must offer complete transparency to your clients.

Ready to grab this franchise opportunity; give us a call on +91-9717899733 for all your franchise consultation needs. Being a part of the real estate franchise model will prove to be an advantage as the franchisor will support you with training and marketing and a widely established brand name. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for an entrepreneur to take up the franchise route to own a real estate business and in turn generate good profits.

 Franchising over an Independent Company

Franchise Real Estate Companies:

Franchises often provide more support for new agents in the form of referral networks and large listing inventories. Due to their business nature, franchises also tend to have in-depth training programs, as well as brand recognition to help beginning agents make their start. They also have more modern technology and marketing resources.

Independent Real Estate Companies:

The local touch is sometimes coupled with a traditional mentality. This makes many independent real estate companies less forward-thinking and less willing to modernize. Moreover, small companies usually have fewer resources than franchise companies, so they may not have the money to update their technology or method. Lack of resources results in; agents getting less advertising support, fewer training and less guidance.

So what are you waiting for? Be a part of this franchising opportunity now! Call FranchiseZing for any queries; we have experts to guide you regarding real estate franchising in India.



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