Roti aur Boti- “The Finest Dining Restaurant”.

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Roti aur Boti brings you the flavors,the aromas and the elegance of yesteryear's. With all exotic ingredients,unfamiliar dishes and tongue-tingling flavors the cuisine is both exciting and delicious. Roti aur Boti uses the whole palette of flavors-spicy,sour,sweet and hot all at the same time.We are the Finest Dining Restaurant and the first ones to introduce Shwarma in Delhi says the founder of the Roti aur Boti Mr. Jahaan Khurana.   Start by telling us why have you picked this sector, and how has your journey been so far?   I was always a foodie and i am always on look out for different delicious dishes. Food & Beverage industry is one of the evergreen industry and the scope of growth is immense .Being in this industry for almost a decade,My experience has been overall great. We are one of the first to introduce Shwarma in Delhi.We started with our brand Roti Aur Boti in 2008 and this was because once traveling to Doha (Qatar) I witness shawarma and doner kebab and saw the gap in market in India and since then after launching it in India(Delhi) we have witnessed huge response from people, We have expanded to 11 outlets and even got recognized in various media channels and journals.

  What is the USP of your brand? Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?   We for the first time in India are introducing a whole new way of selling food.The concept of "pay by weight" is first of its kind where you only pay for the food you eat and order only how much you want to eat.This would mean even if you have 100 rs in your pocket you can have a  a delicious meal .This would give eating a  next level which is  economical and also minimize's wastage.Our expansion plans have been divided into phases.By the next of next year we plan to have atleast 15 stores in Delhi -NCR and expand to different states.By the end of 5 years, we see our self as a prominent brand in F&B industry with presence in Teir 1 and Teir 2 cities.

  How long was the business operating before it became a franchise network and how long has the business been franchised?   The Business started with a plan to see how the consumer react to the products and services. Surprisingly it hit well and in a span of 2-3 years we had 8 outlets. Then we came in Franchizing and opened few franchise stores , due to lack of products and small menu we always wanted to get something on the table which not only attract the consumer but also make Frnachisee to go to the bank smiling. Lately after the market research and analyzing the new trends and with a futuristic approach we revamped the brand (2018) and coming up with the whole North Indian cuisine and Pay-sincerely and ready to hit the market by now. 

  What are your expansion plans in the near future?   If I talk about expansion plans for next two years it is divided into 2 phases  First phase - Delhi, NCR Second phase - Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and UP.  We have planed for 15-20 outlets in Delhi NCR and have a strong presence  almost in all main markets, happening places and high streets of Delhi.We are open to franchises, and giving wonderful opportunity to people who want to start their own business in food industry. We have tied up with companies to expand our brand name, we have a team of highly experienced chef having international and national exposures with a production unit with automated machinery to make sure the taste we give is beyond comprehension . The team has managed and set up a system that will ensure that you get same taste at all the outlets of Roti Aur Boti.

  What are the criteria for choosing a franchise and what are your expectations out of it?   We are looking to associate with people who have a zeal to start their own business ,have a entrepreneurial mindset and are optimistic. Our support system to franchises are so strong that they would not face any problem and we all work like a big family always helping to grow each other . The criteria is simple , As a team we all grow and to be a part of a chain without overlooking the opportunity to be the part of one of the best entrepreneurs idea of all time.

  How many franchise locations did you open at first and what is the current number of outlets you have?   As mentioned above we will be opening out stores in phases. As of now we have semi stores with shawarma as a cuisine but on the verge of expansion with the brand new concept we will be seen in the market fairly by the third quarter. 

  Please conclude your success story?   Roti Aur Boti has been and will always remain the best of the decision I have made. There were no chance when we have not opened it to ever had this thing crossed my mind until 1 fine day in 2008 I was traveling to Doha.I stayed there for good 5 days and analyzed the taste and essence of a particular product which can do wonders if given a chance in India. After a lot of aftermath’s and ‘Should I or I shouldn’t’ , finally we made it to India and on the very third day we were Full house in Tilak Nagar . So now when I sit back and connect the dots , it remains the best and most profitable entrepreneurship decision I have made in life. It has made a lot of people in terms of consumer/franchisee/investor happy and that has made it successful. 

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