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Saree is one of the traditional outfits worn by women in India. It is the most preferred costume during the wedding. Saree is not just the six metre of cloth to be draped over the body but gives women a modest and gorgeous look,Though Sarees have become a fashion statement worldwide, Blouse remains  an important component of a saree. People often think that a saree is most important or a lehnga is more important but if you look at the Bollywood actresses that are considered as the ambassadors of fashion in India, they give more importance to their blouses than the sarees or dresses. This is not because the dress or saree is not beautiful but because they know that true beauty of the dress and themselves is more expressed by the blouse rather than by the dress. Just Blouses brings you the blouses of all fabrics from chiffon, crepe to georgette which compliments your saree and permits you to look more beautiful by embracing your body extremely well.

Vaishali Shah the Owner of Just Blouses, an apparel brand claims that Ladies wearing our blouses look shockingly excellent, she also says that going to a beauty salon is important but people always remember how you dress.

  Tell us about the journey of your brand, what challenges did you face initially?


 I started my brand in September 2015 but my survey regarding launching my brand was started in 2013. I started my first outlet in Vadodara on 23rd sep 2015. At that time my concept was totally new for people to accept. But as they started visiting store’s they appreciated my concept and admired my collection. We didn’t face any challenges.

  What do you see as the future of the industry you are in? Where does this company stand in its industry? 


Our future is bright as the trend of Saree is never going to die. And our concept is totally dedicated to keep the trend of Saree alive. With our unique concept and ideas our company stands apart from the others. Our collection caters to the need of all age group from young girls to aged woman. As a lady plays different roles in her lifetime the same way we offer them different varieties to suit their requirement.

  Why did you choose to go for franchising and how do you attract potential franchises?


We choose to go with franchising because we want to grow Pan India   and Overseas. With franchising we will be showcasing our unique concept to people and that would help us to grow faster.

  What are the hindrances you face while expanding your business?


There are quite a few hindrances while expanding the business. Majorly promotion of your brand to reach the potential clients who are interested to take our franchise.

  What are your brands competitive advantage which restricts other’s to enter?


As I told earlier our brand has a unique concept which makes us stand apart from the others. All our stores have different collection and we have wide range of size chart as well. Other than that our designs are so elegant and classy that people of all age group gets attracted. Also we give in-house alteration facility to the customers. And the most important factor which always helps us to be unique is that we don’t repeat same design and style. Once the product is sold out we don’t repeat its production. 

And the second important factor is our product can be teamed up with multiple attires to give it a different look every time a person wears it. Also our price range is from 850 rupees to 9500 rupees so we are affordable to all class of people. So these things distinguishes us from others.

  What support do you offer beyond the initial training to your franchise?


We support them in training the staff and give them knowledge about our software and give them training about how to deal with FAQ’S of  customers.

  Please conclude how your journey has been so far?


Our journey so far has been very progressive and within 2.5 years we are already having more than 60k followers n fans on Facebook, 11k fans and followers of Instagram and many others on other social media. We have our 5 stores across India (2 franchise store n 3 owned by company). Also we have more than 20k permanent membership card holder.


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