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Strands, Giving Tough Competition To Contemporary Brands

Beauty Salon franchise in India
Beauty Salon franchise in India

Does it matter?

‘Style does matter’. This statement is becoming as true and universal as gravity nowadays. If one doesn’t look stylish and do not carry a certain attitude other people don’t show much interest in them. If one needs to become an ideal for others, one simply needs these highly imperative traits. It is as simple as that. And just for providing these, many salons have opened up, providing a whole new range of styling possibilities for people to look good and stylish. Salon chains like Jawed Habib and Strands have proved it by creating economically beneficial opportunities in styling sector and are already immensely successful making an example out of themselves and encouraging many more to follow their footsteps. Strands Salons Pvt. Ltd established in the year 2005 is now one of the biggest players in the salon ‘n’ spa market already present in 11 states generating profitable opportunities in salon franchise and is growing furthermore, not in baby steps but in leaps and bounds.

Why Strands?

With its latest outlet being opened in Bhubaneswar, Strands salon ‘N’ spa added another gem of an outlet in its treasure box and will now make the people of Bhubaneswar more beautiful and stylish. This outlet, located in one of the prime locations of the city and one is simply mesmerized of the salon’s beauty and architecture itself anyone would bid the highest bid what the person will look like when he/she comes out of the salon. Strands salon provide a variety of services like haircuts, straightening, perming, body massages, scrubs, facials, skin services (man, don’t they rest at all) hair extensions, reflexologies, body polish, bridal services, pamper packages and more. So, customer satisfaction is imperative and highly indispensible in their case and that too, by default. To experience the best customer satisfaction in franchising opportunities, approach Franchisezing.com as they understand the nerve of the market better than anyone in the market.

Business point of view

Strands, being in the market for now nearly 10 years and in 11 states is already a reputed brand in salon and beauty sector with its hard work, generating profitable franchise opportunities in salon and beauty sector and giving two franchise models to be precise for the investors who are ready to do investment in strand salon ‘n’ spa franchise models.


Franchise fee to be Rs.30-50 lacs

To open a flagship outlet in capital city or leading city of the state

To create office space for team support franchise business.

Revenue opportunity

Master franchise company will be 50-50 partnership with Strands.

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