Subhasis Bhaumik

Mr.Subhasis Bhaumik, Director of Flavours24
Mr.Subhasis Bhaumik, Director of Flavours24

Flavours24 is a chain of frozen dessert parlours, with utmost emphasis on health and wellness. The brand belongs to our Goa based parent company ‘Team24 Marketing India Pvt.Ltd.’, manufacturer of Bio Wine, Bio Spirits and ‘Natureola’, a natural aerated drink.

What inspired you to venture into frozen yogurt industry in India?

In India, yogurt has been positioned as an healthy dessert option.  The increasing health and wellness awareness has helped yogurt to gain popularity with huge momentum. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about hygiene, fat and nutritional content.

Flavours24 was the right venture for us as yogurt industry is likely to touch the mark of Rs.1,200 crore by 2015 from the current level of Rs.750 crore. So it’s profitable for the company, as well as, for our franchisees.

What was the turning point in your journey with Flavors24?

Well, there had been many significant ones, like introducing sugar free frozen yogurt, for example,  but above all was launching of ‘All Natural Premium Ice Cream’ in more than 90 flavours, which helped Flavours24 to be a complete dessert brand.

What strength Flavors24 holds?

  • First Indian brand to offer non-fat frozen yogurt.
  • The only Indian brand to serve frozen yogurt, smoothies and parfaits in 24 base flavours and over 750 combinations, available always for customers and can be prepared just within 30 seconds.
  • Technically, the first Indian brand to introduce sugar free frozen yogurt, in our Raipur and Coimbatore outlets in March, 2013.
  • As I have already mentioned, none other brand can offer its customers such a huge and elaborate choice of flavours , with so many different combinations, within such a less preparation time of 30 seconds. The customer knows that every time he visits, he can try something new.
  • Extensive R&D for introducing new products and flavours to offer more choices to the customers.

Is franchising was your first decision to expand market presence?

Initially, we wanted to have some company owned outlets in Goa and neighboring states, but within a couple of months of inaugurating the first outlet of Flavours24, enquiries started flowing in for franchise. We shortlisted some of them and opened the franchise outlets.

Where are you intending to penetrate majorly in India?

Our aim is to be prominent in all different parts of the nation, as Yogurt and Ice Cream have their market everywhere.

How a franchisee or an investor will benefit by opening an outlet of Flavors24?

  • Low investment modules as compared to the other brands.
  • Higher margin to franchisees than any other brand.
  • More sources of revenue, as being a complete frozen dessert shop with Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream.

What training and support will be provided by your team, at the pre and post opening of the franchise outlet?

Support is provided from the initial phase of selecting location, set up of the store, branding, promotions etc. Proper training is imparted by the team to handle a smooth day to day operation, IT, maintaining hygiene and sanitation, waste management etc. at the pre opening stage. Moreover, after opening, regular visits of professionals are arranged to the individual outlets, to assist the franchisee in running his outlet efficiently.

How many outlets there are in total of Flavors24 in India, and how many of them of are franchised?

Presently there are 2 company owned and 3 franchisee owned outlets in India. 4 new franchise outlets will open by the end of September.

People in India are much driven by the growing ice cream flavors, what do you think how frozen yogurt will create its space in the market?

Flavours24’s frozen yogurt has its regular customers and the number is growing substantially, because of the taste, quality, varied flavours and above all, health benefits, as our yogurt is non-fat, with choice given to the customer to decide between low sugar or sugar free.

Ice Cream is also an integral product of Flavours24, which has its customers in significant numbers.

Do you feel the competition is high around your business? If so, what strategies to rise above the competition?

Definitely there are some other brands of frozen yogurt and ice cream in the market. But flavours24 has its advantages of being franchisee friendly because of the points I have mentioned earlier. Moreover, it’s a complete dessert store as customers can have choice between frozen yogurt and ice cream, unlike other brands in India.

I think there’s no need to compete, as there’s enough business keeping the growth in consideration. Our utmost emphasis is and will always be to offer the customers taste, quality, variety and health benefits in form of different frozen desserts. Apart from that giving more business opportunities to our franchisees, we are strongly focusing upon.

What are the setbacks and plus points in this industry? Any advice you would like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

Well, the only setback can be the comparatively less awareness about frozen yogurt and it’s benefits, but then the scenario is improving day by day.

We are in food business, hence taking care of hygiene, sanitation and creating an eco friendly ambience is very essential. Moreover, right message needs to be conveyed to the customer about the product and its nutritional aspects.

How are you looking forward in the development of Flavours24?

As per growth of the brand is concerned, we are expecting around 15 outlets by the end of this year. We are also initiating kiosks in prominent shopping malls in various places. Retail packs of Flavours24 frozen yogurt and ice cream will hit the market within a very short time. Various products like sorbets, sugar free chocolates, health bars, and healthy confectionary products are also to be introduced in near future. 

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