Gautam Sahni - Director, Business Development , Nanson Overseas Pvt Ltd
  Gautam Sahni – Director, Business Development , Nanson Overseas Pvt Ltd

The US Dollar Store is a retail store chain that sells general merchandise items and services. The retail services business is a multi-million dollar overseas business expansion arm of a Florida, USA-based Incorporation. The general merchandise franchise’s concept, image and its unique business strategy has an established record-breaking profit history of more than a decade

It offers quality, hygiene, unlimited product range and joyous shopping. It has agreements, arrangements and close tie-ups with quality warehouses, production units and established supply chain management in America and all over the world.

This high-yielding business-to-business venture has received a proven ability to redefine and lead the merchandise shopping segment. It has now started expanding all over the world. The US Dollar Store offers a rich product range, expertise in supply chain, multiple global warehouses, as well as up- to-date technology driven systems, which work flawlessly across continents. This feature has helped entrepreneurs achieve global recognition and unusual returns on investment.

The retailing outlets could be divided into three categories namely the high-frequency category, the medium-frequency category and the low-frequency category.

Tell us about concept of the US Dollar Store?

The US Dollar Store is a pioneer in the dollar store industry. As a franchise owner of a Dollar store, you gain access to over 20 years of operating experience. US Dollar Store offers a time-tested retailing formula and a well-developed vendor distribution system that ensures you, as a franchise owner, receive distinctive and high-quality merchandise when you need it. In turn, this assures customers a constant flow of merchandise that is always changing, keeping them returning often to see what new and exciting things line the shelves of your franchised Dollar store.

What you think about Franchise Business? How is this concept different?

The US Dollar Store franchise concept is just as distinctive as our retailing and merchandising concepts. In recent years, franchising has taken the lead as the most popular method for conducting business. The reasons are simple. Franchising offers a host of benefits no other business model can match:

•             Proven business processes

•             Established distribution channels

What support and training is provided by US Dollar store to the franchisees?

Nanson Overseas helps franchisees through every step of setting up and running the business. We will assist our franchisees in following ways:

•             We provide assistance in selection of the best real estate at the right terms.

•             Extensive in-house ‘training program to make sure that the franchisees are ready to operate their stores

•             User friendly customised Point of Sales system with quarterly updates.

•             Production of grand opening flyers and materials

•             Assistance in creating advertising for local marketing

•             Store in a box program, which eliminates the headaches of dealing with multiple vendors

•             Step-by-step guidance to your store opening

•             Volume Store Fixture Pricing

•             Market research

•             Location and lease negotiations

•             Use of trademarks, design and standards

•             Store design and layout

•             Opening orders

•             Near turn key

•             Competitive purchasing (prices, terms, rebates)

•             Operational support

•             Marketing support

What is needed to become a US Dollar store franchisee??

•             Have interest

•             Have enough capital

•             Go through the entire website

•             Write to us for clarifications and details

•             Contact us and request for latest news or brochures

•             Complete net worth statement and return

•             Complete a personal profile and return

•             Arrange an interview

•             Identify suitable location and get it approved

•             Secure location and get franchise with deposit

•             Negotiate lease / purchase property

•             Do leaseholds

•             Set-up the US Dollar Store

•             Purchase Inventory

•             Place merchandise in the store and open

•             You have now become a successful family member of US Dollar Store

What are the strategies needed to sustain in highly competitive market ?

The key to retailing is having the right product, at the right time, at the right price. The US Dollar Store formula provides with the keys to succeed. It’s that simple.

To uphold the growth rate in the market, we

•             Supply merchandise from over 12 countries through the parent company

•             Keep prices low and value high

•             Provide necessary training and manpower support to our franchisees

•             Capitalise on fast turning seasonal merchandise

•             Deliver the most personalised service in the industry

•             Turn every customer into a fan of the US Dollar Store

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