Tired of Chef’s Ruling Restaurant’s,Here’s RETORT PACKAGING

It can be exhausting when you have to bow down to your chef’s dictate with the fear of losing him and inducing loses for days at a stretch. Meanwhile, finding yourself a new chef and getting into the process of training him all over again can be painful whilst there is no guarantee that he will stay forever. If you’re curious about how we can help you save yourself from the dashing evils of the food industry, then you’re about to swoon over the wonders of technology. And if you’re new to the world of food, there cannot be a better start to boost your morals!

Let us introduce you to the concept of ‘Retort Packaging’ that is a new age flexible packaging. This new concept of packaging has changed the way we look at food altogether.

The typical definition of a Retort Pouch is – a type of food packaging made from a laminate of flexible plastic and metal foils. It allows the sterile packaging of a wide variety of foods and drinks handled by aseptic processing and is used as an alternative to traditional industrial canning methods.

This package has the sturdiness of metal cans and provides protection to the nutrient value in food. The materials that go into this packaging are FDA approved and undergo sterilization within the pouch making it safer for consumption even after a long period of storage. The food is boiled at a temperature between 120 – 225 degrees killing all bacterial activity leading to spoilage and giving it a longer shelf life. The life of the food within these pouches can go from 3 months to 24 months depending on the kind of technology and layers used to protect the food within

In general retort pouches have 4-layers but can vary from product to product. The aluminum gives an excellent barrier to air and moisture of the bag whilst OPA (nylon) offers flexibility of the packaging. It makes sure that the pouch will not have leakage under a high temperature sanitization process or when it drops on the floor. Don’t limit yourself in those stereotyped stand up pouches – retort packaging can be very creative that you may not have seen before. There are a variety of 3 layered pouches, zip lock pouches, flat bag pouches, military ready pouches that can have a foil with 12 microns which have an extremely high-quality standard and can be consumed up to 12 – 24 months while kept at room temperature.

Well, to put it in simpler words, you can cook/sterilize your yearly or monthly requirement of food and store it in one of these packages without the hassle of manpower dependency, operational and management costs, storage costs, inventory management, raw material procurement and other such headaches that drown you neck deep in stress from running your restaurant. There are tons of food chains around you that already make use of this concept because who doesn’t want to make life easier,right?


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