Top retail franchise opportunities of the year 2016


Opportunity; a golden word for every businessman present out there, using which one can express many positive business emotions. Just with this single word a glow on entrepreneur’s faces can be seen.

Business opportunities are coming our country’s way in tons and thousands and are getting imbibed in our economy and this beneficial trend is not going to stop at least for 2-3 decades due to recent political upheaval in our country named Modi. The retail sector is proving to be on the receiving end of a beneficiary business aspect for this matter as the market is continuously evolving and every second and every minute is getting something more in every possible and plausible sense and manner. More growth, more revenue, more profits: in short more happiness.

Retail sector single handedly contributes a massive 22% of our country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). With this a business minded person can take a glimpse of what this means and is capable of from the business point of view. How much profitable business opportunities can be generated, you have no idea, whatsoever, which is good.


In ancient times (ok, not so ancient times) retailing industry was basically owner manned small shops. However, nowadays the scene is not the exact same, larger format stores like vishal megamart and walmart are responsible for the employment of about 40 million Indians. This is not a small figure or insignificant. This expresses the scope of business opportunities and beneficial franchising opportunities which are lurking in this industry.

The Range

The retail sector has many segments ranging from clothing, food, beverages and conveniences stores. So, franchisezing.com one of the most significant companies of this country took the burden of chaffing out the lucrative business opportunities from the dull ones and present it to you; it’s clientele.



Food and beverage industry not so surprisingly is expected to grow eight fold to a massive and hilarious numerical figure of 5.6 billion from a not so good 720 million at least comparatively.

As the competition is rising various companies ranging from Mc Donalds to Domino’s are offering new food products with competitive pricing and very edgy TV commercials provoking a sense of greed in its customers due to which they somehow are forced to buy the product.



With rise in contemporary lifestyles apparel industry has witnessed an automatic boom opening up the hot gates of business and franchising opportunities to make a direct impact on its customers with many European and American lifestyles. This is happening on many online commercial sites such as Abof.com, Myntra.com, flipkart etc.

The current business scenario has gained so much momentum that the competitors are not sparing any wear whether it be men’s wear, women’s wear or kid’s wear for that matter.  Shree, chhabra 555, Lilliput are some of the example which are generating financial business as well as franchising opportunities.

What’s great about this industry is that it is somehow recession proof and offers high ROI in the market.

This is just a glimpse of the current economic scenario, probably not even that; so this is a sign for you, a sign saying that your wait for the yureka moment of yours is over and now you go and help yourself with franchisezing.com.

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