uFaber: The New face of Interactive Education

ufaber franchise
ufaber franchise


The word ‘Education’

Education is a term when pronounced in public or in front of an intellectual audience; everyone gives their own point of views and opinions regarding it. For some government operated schools are simply a brutal pain for the education system and for some the private ones are mongering their bellies on over profits and some people even go to the extent of saying that nothing can be done about it and same goes for our country.

Everything is a mess. However, it is not true, at least partially, things are getting better. Nowadays, everyone wants their children to get educated from labour class worker to obviously the elite ones. This thinking pattern is and will be responsible for generating profitable business opportunities in education sector.

The institutes

There are many institutes who are coming up with creative ideas to provide education. They are making apps for smart phones, uploading their video content on famous video sites such as you tube. Byju’s, Merit nation etc are some of the examples of such categorical institutes. uFaber is one such fastest growing edutech company which provides highly personalized training along with super knowledgeable content. Education is one big ripe fruit at the current moment in market scenario and institutes like these are harnessing profitable benefits like anything and it has got enough juice for every entrepreneur who wants to dive in the ocean of business opportunities regarding education.


In a very short period of time uFaber has generated a student base of 50,000+ students and is high on changing the way of learning making it more intellectually generative, creative and simpler so students irrespective of their grasping power could understand the difficult concepts easily. Ufaber gives training through interactive and fun to learn videos which are accessible through internet.

Founded by Mr.Rohit jain and Mr.Anirudh swarnkar both IIT graduates with almost a decade of entrepreneurial experience in the fields of qualitative education.


Ufaber provides a variety of highly competitive courses like ATE-ME, GATE-ECE, IIT JEE, UPSC, advance MS excel, English speaking courses. Over all in it’s a perfect concoction for those who want to achieve something in life. ufaber is supported by franchisezing.com for its franchise expansion. We at franchisezing understand that every entrepreneur has his/her different needs and expectations from their business and we try to comprehend it and help them in the implementation of right strategies which will help them in generating high profits.

Why only ufaber?

Whether it’s about faculty, market size, course library, pricing, mentors, ufaber somewhere or the other possess an upper hand over other institutes providing distinguished faculty along with large and distinguished market size at competitive pricing.

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