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UniqueBrew Cafe creating foot prints in Maharashtra

UniqueBrew Cafe India is an upbeat cafe business opportunity in the fast emerging Food and Beverage industry. The most interesting part about the company is that not only does it deal with the food industry but also has a management team of dedicated food industry professionals which gives the business a much wider scope and dimension.

UniqueBrew Café is pleased to give the business opportunities to Franchise Partners across India. With this motive in mind, the brand is coming up with the new franchise outlet in the city Chandrapur, Maharashtra. The café of about 800 Sq.fts area with an idea of comforting, unique, charming freshly-made food that would go together with aromatic coffees and beverages.

This is to create a new concept that will renew the whole idea that the people and the industry have about making food and enjoying coffee. The concept, created by the brand is currently the most innovative, appealing and original coffee concept in India with the aim to provide an authentic Italian Café experience offering premium coffees, authentic International Fast food products, enjoyable spaces where there is a relaxing atmosphere in every store.

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