US Dollar Store – A Successful Retail Franchise

US Dollar Store franchise opportunity in India
US Dollar Store franchise opportunity in India

Retail Market – A Successful Franchise Business Opportunity

Enter a booming market with the purchase of a dollar store franchise proves to be a profitable and low cost investment business opportunity. Moreover, it gives you the training and marketing support needed to open your own store including area selection assistance and access to best quality merchandise.

Why is there A Huge Demand for Dollar Stores?

If dollar stores weren’t there, we would never have got the opportunity to make affordable purchases like party supplies, grocery items, pet accessories and much more. Dollar stores are outlets which offer a huge variety of supplies at great discounts, even for well known brands. All of the goods offered in dollar stores is one price, “a dollar in USA and Rs. 99 only* in India”.

Now the question arises – How do dollar stores stay in business with low retail prices for their goods?

Bulk Buying: Major reason for US Dollar Store’s survival is the capacity of buying in bulk. Manufacturers of less expensive consumer products such as plastic toys, party supplies, and paper goods often have a problem with bulk inventory. Buyers for dollar stores can often make a deal directly with manufacturers to sell their surplus merchandise through franchise channel of US Dollar Store worldwide. The wholesale cost per item can be cut down if the buyer agrees to accept bulk shipments.

Impulse Shopping: An impulse purchase is an unplanned decision to buy a product, made just before a purchase. One who tends to make such purchases is referred to as an impulse purchaser/buyer. Marketers and retailers tend to exploit these impulses buyers. For example, a shopper in a supermarket might not specifically be shopping for confectionary. However, candy, gum, and chocolate are prominently displayed at the checkout; the impulse purchaser would buy them. Alternatively, impulse buying can occur when a consumer spots something related to a product that stirs a particular passion in them.

Niche Marketing: When customers need inexpensive party supplies or party favors, a dollar store generally offers a wide selection of merchandise at low prices. Moreover, parents shopping for treats or small toys for their children can save significant amounts of money by shopping at dollar stores. Holiday specials also attract customers who want to find unusual items not generally carried by other retail stores. Home decorators can also find inexpensive but decorative items suitable for everyday use at most US Dollar Stores.

Dollar stores are one of the few stores right now that are expanding. In addition, they typically do well when the economy is not going well as everyone is looking for goods at bargain price. Therefore, owning a dollar store franchise is certainly going to be profitable decision for any entrepreneur. So why wait?

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