Yappy Foods:  Profitable Food Franchise Opportunity


When it comes to providing fast food which is peculiarly delicious and which simultaneously has the capacity to meet the hygiene standards Yappy foods is the franchise brand for you present in food and beverage sector. We at Yappy foods believe in providing such food with great ease to our customers giving them an opportunity to relax and feel refreshed, maybe after a long hectic day or maybe when they plan an outing with their family giving them  a sense of great dining experience through our simply magnetic fast food products.

The brand

The yappy foods owes its success to its proven business model for its franchise outlets and its expert and dedicated workers whose sole purpose is to make the customers feel absolutely great and making them crave for more delicious food.

The western factor

We at yappy foods provide our customers with great ambience, exceptional quality of fast food and a very wide variety of fast food products ranging from parathas to momos, vadapavs, wraps, biryani and what not. Yappy has the vision to provide its cuisine with a blend of western touch. To open up a Yappy foods franchise you require an investment budget of about 5-10 lacs and area requirement of about 200 square feet. The dining outlets at Yappy foods are extremely customer centric.

The beliefs

We at yappy foods believe that the customer is the king and believes that morally and economically as well this profitable fast food brand has an obligation towards our customers to provide them with the amazingly tasteful fast food menu which are most plausibly priced. The great thing about Indian cuisine is that it is known all over the world for its culturally rich taste and this is the exact reason that Yappy foods is exploring  the fusion of Indian ethnicity with western food culture.

Why choose Yappy foods?

Combination of taste, nutrition and instant is very rarely heard but when it makes it’s presence in the market, the margins of it being highly successful becomes very wide.  If we consider today’s times then this is just the right opportunity for working women to balance their work and family life with the instant fast food menu of yappy foods and come out as winner in life simultaneously giving a great dining experience.

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