Want To Taste Success: Buy a Yappy foods franchise

Q1Please tell us about the inspiring journey of your brand Yappy foods? What were the ups and downs which you faced through pulling off your brand, basically what kind of struggles you went through to crack the business code? 


Yappy Foods brings you the triangle affair of TASTE, NUTRITION AND INSTANT with such an ease and less efforts. We guarantee our customer that once they taste our food it’s impossible to forget the taste. Why to waste huge money in the restaurants when you can achieve that easily with going easy on your pocket. Variety of foods are chosen keeping in mind the different taste preference of the people in the whole nation. The food is prepared with the most hygienic methods and all the ingredients are freshly handpicked to provide you the best service.

Yappy concept is all about providing their customers with the tastiest and healthiest quick food which can be easily cooked and quickly served. Yappy Foods is in continuous efforts to bring cooking to whole new level with such ease and such taste! With the increasing work and hectic life of people these foods always comes handy providing you the diet you need and saving a lot of time of your busy life. From youngster to adults we are sure that Yappy Foods has every choice of food best suiting your taste buds.

Every industry faces the struggle but that only left who performed among the best condition and  provide the best among  the all.

Q2. According to you what’s your ace food product which has the capability to steal the show?

 Answer :- Yappy includes wide range of products like vada pav to burger, pizza to parathas, momos, fries, samosas etc. We want to serve mouth watering hygienic and standardized food items at economic pricing in simple, healthy and delicious way. We at yappy foods want to make the fastest leading Indian food chain of quality food for the people of India, for serving quality food to the people. Yappy model at affordable investment will serve a good business to the people who are really interested in food industry. Yappy also serve best opportunity at lowest investments with good returns.

Q3What is the USP of your brand Yappy Foods?

Answer :- We back every franchisee with innovation, achievements and a perfect business model with various franchising opportunity available. We can ensure we will help you make the right decisions.

So you can hit the ground running and grow your business quickly and easily. And your options are limitless. As we continue to grow the yappy brand, we remain competitive by offering franchising opportunities through new franchising development. We have the recipe for success and are determined to empower you with first-class knowledge, resource and support needed to be a member of the yappy family.

A unique model of single hub for Variety foods like Vada pav to Burgers, Parathas to Pizzas,Samosas, Nuggets,Fries and more….

All time favourite and convenient fast food with all time accepted popular westerner & Indian ethnic food like Vada Pavs, Pizzas, Samosas, Fries,Parathas , Momos and more…

Hygienic & Less oily fried food.

Universally acceptable ingredients (like Potatoes, wheat & spices etc.)

Hygienic & Standard Tasty Food.

Simple, healthy & delicious.

A year, products taste ‘YappY’ across the locations.

Food for All.

Economic & affordable Pricing.


Q4What are your expansion plans and future prospects regarding Yappy Foods?

Answer:-  Yappy foods  want to be India’s own McDonald  and  We believe that the common man has the right to get hygienic and standardized food at affordable price. Today Indian food is accepted for their taste in all over the world and we want to make more reach in the Indian ethnic food all over the world by maintaining its mouth watering yappy taste in hygienic and standardized way. We yappy want to make the fastest leading Indian food chain of quality food for the people of India, for serving quality food to the people. Yappy model at affordable investment will serve a good business to that people who really interested in food industry. Yappy will serve best opportunity at lowest investments with good returns.

Q5What kind of training and support will you be providing to your franchisees?

Answer :-  We back our franchisee with Tested Unique Business model.

Standard Operating Procedures in all aspects of business.

Excellent margin.

Hygienic and Standardized Procedure.

End to end logistic support system.

Complete Operational Support to monitor & run successful business.

Introduction of new products as required.

Easy to make & no wastages.

Free Initial training for the franchisee as per norm.

Continuous marketing support and brand building.

Shelf Life of product increased so as to reduced Wastages to nil.

Simple, healthy and Delicious taste to increase the foot falls.

Tie ups with the International/ National leading brands.

Continuous Research and development to provide new product.


Q6. What are your thoughts on the Market that you provide your delicious food to?

Answer :- Indian  market  is always choosy. In there  eating  habit , different region have different  taste  and foods,  so by keeping them in mind we at yappy foods always provide our franchisee and customer  a  blend of taste  which  always keep them unique among all  and won the customer  choice. But seeing the situation of food industry we are sure that we will taste success soon.

Q7. Where can you see your brand Yappy foods in the next five years time?

Answer :- yappy foods  success   done at last 4/5 year by becoming the  first in it  class  to be present with more than 125 store across India  and by continuing it  success  yappy become the  first in India with 500  outlets  at pan India level   and crossing the international  boundaries by its  presence. With the help of franchisezing we are expanding rapidly.

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