The taste of finely made chicken is enough to make you experience the heaven as if you are on cloud 9. That kind of chicken is prepared by this iconic brand named Apunka chicken adda. Just like its unique name Apunka chicken adda which is one of the leading brands offers juicy and spiced up chicken products in the best crafted manner possible.

Chicken Adda

Apunka chicken adda is one of the most profitable brands if we talk in terms of franchising way. Chicken adda was established taking into account its responsibility and accountability of providing quality chicken products to its customers offering great chicken products which are soft on tongue and incredibly well balanced in taste.

So why chicken adda?

To open up a chicken adda you need a nominal budget of 8-12 lacs with an area of about 400 square feet. Apunka chicken adda believes in providing its customers with an iconic experience of tasteful premium chicken products. It gives a great opportunity to the family to come and have a good fun time together.

Customer satisfaction is the true goal of chicken adda as it is the customers who pay and are the reason that a brand becomes what it becomes. So if you have a passion for food and are ready to investĀ  in food industry to take up franchise and become an entrepreneur then chicken adda is one of those brands that you should consider buying.

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