Belgians Waffwich opens another Outlet in Ahmedabad

The Belgians Waffwich is one of the primary Waffle Specialty stations in India that offers an extraordinary, on the go waffle sandwich made new at their waffle stations with their specially formulated egg-less batter and premium fillings.Founded in 2015, the company strives to constantly innovate while staying true to its values of excellence, simplicity and affordability.

Opening a new outlet is an exciting time for  any company and same has been witnessed by the brand Belgian Waffles. The brand is praising its excellent opening of one more new store at SBR Social Food Park, close Satva Vikas School,Sindhu Bhavan Road, Ahmedabad.BWC pride itself on giving a persistently enhancing yet reliable best quality item with a warm and tried and true brand identity. Their waffles are newly prepared, hot and crispy.It has got great reactions and surveys from clients in for the new style of offering their waffle item like Belgian Pizza Waffle with Ice Cream, Belgian Stick Waffle and their Jamun Shot is likewise extremely well known.The original crispy waffle sandwich comes with exciting fillings such as Nutella, belgian chocolate, peanut butter, cream cheese, blueberry, maple syrup and a lot more.


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