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Its been over two decades. And we’ve grown manifold, to say the least. Though today we’re one of India’s leading lingerie houses, at Trylo we’re only working harder than ever before. More research. More innovation. More passion. Making every piece of Trylo lingerie not just pretty, but perfect too says the Marketing Head Mr. Himaksh Kashyap of the Brand Trylo Intimates.

  Tell us about the journey of Trylo Intimates? What were the challenges that you faced?

  Brand Trylo Intimates came into existence in 1992 but the seeds of the business were planted in 1950. The journey of business began in the form of Gulalwadi Chaniya House, a well-reputed tailoring outfit in the heart of South Mumbai. Despite having such a humble beginning, we could grow and become a leading brand of lingerie segment because of our consistency in delivering excellent products. Of course, there were many challenges like catering to changing needs of customers, lack of high technology and competitions from MNCs. However, we could succeed by understanding the needs of Indian women and by delivering the products that truly add unparalleled values in their lives. Thus, we could make a loyal customer base and today, brand Trylo Intimates is the first choice of lakhs of women.

  Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of?

  As I just said, Trylo is the first choice of lakhs of women and what could be the better accomplishment than that? And of course, we are proud of our innovative products such as Shapi 360 0 , MagicLift, Bestie, 2-in-1 etc. These products solve many problems of women and enhance their beauty. Shapi 360 0 helps chubby women distribute their under bust fat while MagicLift helps them have an attractive look. Imported and soft-padded Bestie also helps women enhance their look. 2-in-1 is an integrated product that combines bra and slip and eliminates the hassle of wearing slip on a bra.

  What is unique about your business and where do you see Trylo Intimates in next 5 years?

  There are certain things which set us apart from the rest. Trylo Intimates addresses the needs of plus size lingerie products and is considered a leading brand in the segment. Moreover, our every store has Certified Fitting Experts who guide to customers and that’s our unique service. At present, we are growing rapidly with our aggressive expansion plans and eyeing to open 100+ stores in next 5 years. To serve the changing needs of customers, we are also focusing on creating a few more innovative products.

  What does Trylo Intimates look for in an employee, and what are your responsibilities as a core team member? 

  As a core team member, I am responsible for discovering a right direction and create a strategy to go ahead. I am responsible for creating the products that not only fit in the market, but also address the needs. I am also responsible for creating a dynamic team and franchise network that can not only strengthen the brand, but also add the great values in the segment. When it comes to hiring people, we consider their commitment towards responsibility. They must be pro-active and dynamic and must add additional value to the team. They must be honest and transparent in dealings as well as should be able to listen to customers patiently.

   How much do you think that social media helps you to work more effectively in knowing your audience or knowing what’s new in the market?

  Undoubtedly, digital platforms, especially social media is the fastest, greatest and most effective platform to reach your customers and understand their needs. And Trylo Intimates is not behind to leverage this. We have a dedicated agency to strengthen our brand on digital platforms. We are actively engaged in platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We use our social media accounts to announce new offers, new products, etc. and also try to engage our customers to receive feedbacks and inputs so that we can understand their needs and deliver product accordingly. As per one research close to 70% women wear wrong size bra, to help at this stage we have developed a mechanism in Facebook Messenger through which women can input a few details to reach to an ideal bra size for her! 

  What would be your suggestion to the startups in this segment?

   According to me, knowing your customers, discovering their problems and addressing them effectively can make you able to beat the competition. I would advise to startups to put more focus on innovation so that they can create a unique value of their brands. There is always a scope of innovation in every product and by bringing it into the market one can grow exponentially. Further, stay updated about the needs of your target audience and stay in close contact with your customers.

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