Biggies Burger- Spreading a New Burger Culture in India

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The brand, BIGGIES BURGER ‘n’ MORE (BBM), was conceptualized as a Cafe and Fast food retail enterprise. This company is a multi-location, professionally managed food retail venture which exclusively focused on Indian’s futuristic prospects of fast food products via- BURGERS, FRENCH FRIES,  HOT DOGS, MILKSHAKES etc. The company had started its operations in Bangalore, with a very small cafe concept outlet (50 sq Ft), but now the Brand has expanded to 1800 sq ft outlets, seeing the positive response and recognition garnered from customers.  We had an Interview with the Founder, Director of the Company, Mr. Biraja Rout

Start by telling us why have you picked this sector, and how has your journey been so far?

It all started with the passion of food and the desire to have an inhouse indian brand. The moment we think of going out, names like KFC, McD, DOMINOs etc turns up into our mind, why not something which originates from INDIA, why not something which is a local yet a global brand. There was always an inclination towards globalisation but with a tag of “MADE IN INDIA”. As the count of millennials in the country is at the peak and we as a nation are the youngest on the earth (in terms of average age), that to with westernisation gulped inside our routine, BURGER was the gateway to it.

So I was pretty clear I am going to do something with BURGER by 2011 while I was in my first year of service at INFOSYS, Bangalore. To seed my dream, with ZERO experience and limited fund I arranged a loan worth 1.5 lacs and gave birth to the brand “BIGGIES BURGER” with a 5ft by 5ft KIOSK on the footpath of electronic city, just 30 mtrs from INFOSYS campus.

Tell us about the USP of your brand and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

The unique selling proposition was always to create a QSR chain that to with giant competitions like McD,KFC, BURGER KING etc, the only thing that we can match or better do was product. So I focused on the product conceptualisation, design and planning. As a brand we were the first in India to cater whole baked BURGERs in the name of beamers, which were highly appreciated by a lot customers. On the course of time, we as well had to adopt new things. Late 2016 as and when we started growing, I came up with a concept of pioneering the art of global grilled burgers with unique stuffing, bread and sauces, which were adored by customers a lot.

After 5 years I want to see my company with turnover more than 100 cr with more than 100 outlet in pan India. We have also planned to expand our territory across other countries like Singapore and Dubai.

How long was the business operating before it became a franchise network and how long has the business been franchised?

I took almost 6 years to make the brand ready FRANCHISABLE. FRANCHISING may sound fancy but it’s a lot of responsibility and trust that you as a brand need to build for the FRANCHISEES .

We have been accessing our franchise across pan India since 4 yrs. of glory. Since 2016 nov till date we have expanded in 9 states with 32+ stores as of and are aiming to touch 100 stores by 2022 end.

What are the criteria for choosing a franchise and what are your expectations out of it?

As a brand we do operate in 2 models ie. FICO and FIFO. In a FICO model we expect the FRANCHISE to invest in our concept and to have minimal Patience.

But if a FIFO model, we do a detailed screening for a franchise and we are too choosy about handing over our brand operation to a FRANCHISEE. The FRANCHISEE must take the business seriously and spend decent amount of time to ensure 3S is Supply chain management, Service management & Staff management are done to the best of its effort.

What kind of training and support do you offer to the franchise?

These kind of training and support ,offer by us:

  • Take care of online and offline sales
  • Daily update on google and online aggregators
  • Keep record of customer
  • Monthly report on store hygiene and
  • Monthly franchise meetings with official
  • Remote & on store Training to all staff.
  • Adopt new technique and technology for each
  • Proper branding and advertisement would be cared by our
  • Robust Supply chain
  • Finding out the best location for the brand
  • Support with manpower engagement
  • Marketing activity support
  • Product R&D
  • Audits across verticals to ensure standards are

How do you see the future of the industry you are in and what are your future strategies?

looking at the future scenario our main mission and vision is to make “Biggies Burger” as an leading Indian MNC QSR brand with an target to revive the authenticity of grilled burger. Our main aim is to enlight our brand to utmost pick and to adopt the globalised technique and culture which is the most demanding and trending background looking at the consumer perception.

Please share the franchise facts of your brand with us?

We have 2 type of model i.e EXPRESS and CAFÉ.  In express , you need to have 700 sq ft of area. Total investment is about 20-25 lakhs. Out of 20-25 lakhs we categorised it into 3 parts i.e. 6 lakhs is the franchise fee , 10 lakhs is for kitchen requirements and 7 lakhs is the interior and exterior design . And average payback is about 18 -21 months. Apart from it we have 2 types of operation i.e. FICO /FOFO with an agreement term of 5 years. Now coming to royalty , in FICO model it is 10 % and in FOFO it is 5%.

In CAFE, you need to have 1000 sq ft of area. Total investment is about 25-30 lakhs. Out of 25-30 lakhs we categorised it into 3 parts i.e. 6 lakhs is the franchise fees , 10 lakhs is for kitchen requirements and 12 lakhs is the interior and exterior design . And average payback is about 18 -21 months. Apart from it we have 2 types of operation i.e. FICO /FOFO with an agreement term of 5 years. Now coming to royalty, in FICO model it is 10 % and in FOFO it is 5%.

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