Love for Food and Making a Living Out of It by Shashank

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Food is that basic element that connects us all and something that is an inevitable part of our life.Food unites us all, is undivided by country, religion, people. Sure, the type, taste, preparation & preferences vary from one place to another but it is always of interest to each and every person. People are curious […]

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Biggies Burger- Spreading a New Burger Culture in India

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Start by telling us why have you picked this sector, and how has your journey been so far? It all started with the passion of food and the desire to have an inhouse indian brand. The moment we think of going out, names like KFC, McD, DOMINOs etc turns up into our mind, why not […]

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Corp Bite – A Leading Catering Company In India

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Start by telling us why have you picked this sector, and how has your journey been so far? I am Jagdish, Managing Director of Corpbite (Multiple food franchise) unit of MGJ restaurant. I hold Degree in hotel management. I have almost 20 years experience in hospitality. I started my career from ITC group of hotel […]

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1964- Meal Factory, The Master of Kitchen..

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1964 Meal factory is basically a “Theme Based Restaurant Concept” but we have its Cloud Kitchen Concept available also. 1964 Meal Factory has a very Unique Menu, We made it with so much of love and passion for making Tasty and Healthy Food. Being Indori we love eating food which is tasty as well healthy […]

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Veg Bites- Revolutionizing Veg Food

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Incepted as a dream of a college-going food entrepreneur in 2009 with the first ever outlet at Treasure Island Mall, Indore; Mr. Shubham Shukla has always been a passionate food connoisseur, who always knew he had to make it BIG in the Food and Beverages sector. As a sole proprietor with 4 outlets at Central […]

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ORGAFIT to come up with One more Outlet in sector 93,Noida .

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Business expansion often has the advantage of exposing the business to a wider audience which increases the number of potential customers which dramatically improve sales, resulting in increased profitability. It is the phase of the business cycle when the company moves from a trough to a peak.When you expand your Business it means that you are ready to grow to the […]

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Tired of Chef’s Ruling Restaurant’s,Here’s RETORT PACKAGING

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It can be exhausting when you have to bow down to your chef’s dictate with the fear of losing him and inducing loses for days at a stretch. Meanwhile, finding yourself a new chef and getting into the process of training him all over again can be painful whilst there is no guarantee that he […]

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