‘Consult-Choose-Buy’ With My Travel Diary Franchise Partners

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Travel & Tours

My Travel Diary: While planning to travel anywhere, we do a lot of research about the hotels, food, about the place, people, climate, cuisines, culture and many other things on the Internet. Internet does provide a lot of insights but is often vague and there is a huge possibility that the client will end up confused.

Planning for travelling a destination should be done carefully. Travelling is not about going somewhere, visiting a couple of sights and coming back. Travelling is about experiencing a destination; it’s about becoming friendly with the environment, culture, cuisines and people.

An Internet research says more than 3/4th of the travel bookings are still made offline. Why? The answer lies in the simplest of the fact that people who are travelling to a particular destination don’t know about the place and they need someone to assist them in booking their honeymoon or may be a family holiday and that’s where those bricks and mortar small travel agents come in to play. They however don’t know much about the destination but enough to sell a destination.

Travelling to a destination requires consultation if not much… My Travel Diary in association with its franchisee partners wants to enhance the concept of Offline travel package bookings through its Promotion Campaign “Consult-Choose-Buy” in addition to online bookings. It is one of the best travel and tours franchise. As far as bookings of air ticket, car, hotel and bus is concerned it doesn’t make much difference if you are booking online or offline but booking a package online without understanding the itinerary may leave you with a wrong package. e.g. Kerala is known for Flora and Fauna, beautiful lakes, Natural Beauty, Sea etc. But what if the client does not want to see all of them or he doesn’t have time to see all of them; he just wants to spend a couple of nights in a house boat around a lake.

The franchise partners of My Travel Diary are there to assist you with all your requirements for travelling a particular destination. The franchisee agents will advise you the best possible package within your budget… after all it’s your hard earned money and you have dreamed all your life to travel there. In the words of Mr. Anuj Gupta, “Consult-Choose-Buy is our mantra. don’t Choose a Cheap Package; choose the One which suits you. This brings down to the question as to how much a My Travel Diary franchise partner should know to sell a destination. Or is he even required to have travelled all those destinations. The answer is no. It’s not even possible. Our training and development program is designed in such a way that you will become a well trained travel agent who knows everything what he should know to sell a destination.  Our experienced trainer will give you full insights about how to sell a destination, things you should know, what and what not to say to a traveler, how to persuade him and many other tactics. Ultimately it is not just about investing in the brand which keeps you going; it’s about investing in yourself and we guarantee that within months you will be the best travel company in your city.”

It’s very important that before you travel a destination you should be familiar with the destination, no, I am not saying you should master it but at least you should have enough idea that you are not fooled. All of us have seen those foreigners who travel everywhere, every lane and every arroyo with a book in their hand… haven’t we?      What is that for? Why are they carrying it all the time? They are not travelling for the sake of travelling, but to experience things beyond travel, become a local actually… I bet there will be foreigners who knew much more about places like Varanasi or say Goa then us…!! Reason they want to know what a particular place is known for… am I right?

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