Craftsbazaar ; India’s Leading Diversified Handmade Gifting Service

Ms. Muskan the founder of the Craftsbazaar is an Architect , a Craftsperson, a Graphic Designer, a Home Decor,  a String Artist and what not. She started this beautiful venture wherein she works to provide handmade gifting services along with a providing a broad range of products and services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, institutions and individuals.

  Tell us about the journey of your business? What were the challenges that you faced?

  The journey of this business started as a hobby, a hobby to create something new induced the artist in me. With the enthusiasm to learn new and the determination to be better from yesterday I started this journey and within 6 months my little venture started to get recognition.The first order which I got was more of a request than order. One of my friend asked me to make a collage, so I did. While working on it I realized what fun it is to create something for someone’s loved one. A smile on someone’s face is what brought on the idea of doing it more often and doing it under a name, there Craftsbazaar originated.

Setting up an Instagram profile was my first step towards the making of Craftsbazaar. Managing the social profiles, orders,

 raw material intake and other things came in later. I started making contacts and after several sleepless night, Craftsbazaar began to come up bright. It was surely hard to keep up with my studies along with the growing business but I think if you do what you love, you will never run out of time.

  Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of?

  I think every order I fulfill which brings happiness to the receiver is an accomplishment in itself. But to name a few I would say my successful partnership with TEDx, Amity University, Indian Medical Association and others makes me proud. I remember while working for Amity University the time constraints was very minimal. Even my family members had to put every effort possible. Me and my pals managed a hundred chores and after a long tiring session we pulled it out and the venture was a great success. There were also chances when I got to showcase my works at various colleges of Delhi University which bought me closer to people and still are amongst my most memorable moments. Recently I also organized my first thread art workshop.It’s great to indulge others also in the beautiful art.

Accomplishments are mere check points what I love is the journey of working with great and inspiring people.

  What is unique about your business and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

  Craftsbazaar is one of India’s leading diversified handmade gifting service conglomerate providing a broad range of products and services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, institutions and individuals. Its customer-focused business offers a range of exciting ways to shop through Instagram and are on the verge of launching the website soon.

Constantly launching fabulous new products, sourcing new ideas and campaigning on social issues. These are just some of the ways Craftsbazaar strive to grow business – both commercially and ethically.The company believes business has the power to make the right kind of difference in the world, and the best way to convince others is to lead by example. All the products are made with a love of life and the world we live in, individuality, community spirit and a commitment to trading fairly.

A lot is still there to achieve, sky is the limit. In the next 5 years I’ll be focusing on the various aspects of growth. Craftsbazaar now have a promising market and I would like to extend the reach even more.

  What do you look for in an employee, and what are your responsibilities as a business owner?

  When it comes to fulfilling the orders I always aim for best of work in the nominal of time. Quality always comes first for me. Hence a good employee for me would be someone who focuses on the quality of work and value of time.

As an owner I believe, my responsibilities are ever changing. I keep track of all the things which concerns my market. From logistics to packaging I work out everything before implementing. I like to think myself more like a caretaker than an owner. A caretaker always tends to see the thing grow which he cares for, the same I want for Craftsbazaar.

  How much do you think that social media helps you to work more effectively in knowing your audience or knowing what’s new in the market?

  Social media gives me an immense window of market and the trends. The ups and downs are always present and to keep up with those I spend a significant amount of time online, searching for the best ways to keep up with rising trend. The thinking of a being is impossible to read but it’s much easier to observe and understand the choices of the masses. Social media not only keeps me connected to the root audience but also helps me build a better place to trade in. Of course there is a lot of criticism also over the internet, but I keep it aside and only align to the good stuff. Craftsbazaar is not just a business it’s the trail of chasing dreams, spreading smiles and leaving a mark.

  What would be your suggestion to the budding entrepreneurs?

  I’m also considerably new into the market hence I should just suggest with my own experiences. The only I thing I keep in my mind while working is that I should be honest towards my art. And honesty comes when you make your hobby into your passion and then grind that passion hard until it starts to shine. Baby steps now will one day become leaps. Learn from the past, do the best today and aspire for the future.

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