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Bean Here is a coffee shop which provides a great place to get away and enjoy the coffees and teas plus freshly baked sourdough bread, cakes, pastries and panini. Bean Here coffee shop is the perfect place for you to relax. Bean Here is known for its Themed Café Concept with huge offering of Delicious Cuisines, from Aromatic Cappuccino to tempting Shakes and Food along with Flower Boutique (Florista) and Personalized Gifts /Souvenirs, its lively ambience is the most loved place for youth and families for the entire day as said by the Director of the Company Mr. Ankit Deora. 

  Start by telling us why have you picked this sector, and how has your journey been so far?

  Being a tier 3 city ,Allahabad was lacking a place where people can enjoy the ambience along with lip smacking food and coffee. We inaugurated our first cafe in July 2014 and people of Allahabad accepted the concept with open arms. The Journey since then has been grateful and positive that we opened our second outlet in November 2017 which is three times bigger than the earlier one and now we switched ourselves towards the Franchise Business.

  Tell us about the USP of your brand and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

  The USP of our Brand is the personal relation that we build with all our customers and mould ourselves as per their likings and comforts.Along with this we also follow the concept of Live Kitchen which makes us different from other brands which shows our Quality ,Both in food as well as in service.Five years down the line we see ourselves as one of the growing cafe chains pan India .

  How long was the business operating before it became a franchisee network and how long has the business been franchised?

  Its been more than four years that we have been into this business and now we are switching over into franchising to spread our wings all over India.

  What are the criteria for choosing a franchise and what are your expectations out of it?

  There is a list of criteria foe choosing a franchise but the main criteria that we are looking for in a person taking our franchisee is the amount of zeal and personal involvement he/she is going to put on in the business because the personal relations with the customer is the essence of this industry.

  What kind of training and support do you offer to the franchisee?

  Starting from choosing the right kind of site for opening a cafe upto day to day analysis for boosting sales we do it all our franchise is an integral part of our brands family and we treat the same as our own outlet and not a franchisee outlet.

  How do you see the future of the industry you are in and what are your future strategies?

  There is immense growth in future for this particular industry as people are falling more for coffee than tea and also the concept of eating out is increasing day by day the only strategy is to capture this market at an early stage so that we get a benefit for being amongst the first to start it all in tier three cities with the lowest of investments.

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