From Green Card Holder To NRI Chaiwala…

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Short story about me


I am Jagdish from Delhi hotelier by profession. I am NRI.  (Attached picture, Green card of New Zealand). I am hotelier by profession I have approx 20 years experience in hospitality.\

 I worked y years in India with ITC group of hotel.

 Two  years in Middle East as Function manager where I was looking 7-8 food & beverage outlet.

Since 2007 I was in New Zealand where I worked as act food & Beverage Manager

Running multiple food  outlets.

I had my own restaurant as well. Like other I have gone through all the up & down in personal n professional life.

I was frequent flyer. I notice Modi ji has changed lot. India has come online. Today even babies dipper we are ordering online. I was very much influence with Modi ji I wind up everything and left all behind, came back to INDIA to start my business.  Last December when I came I started selling Chai. As my believe if you are doing anything you must know root of the business.

Anyway I stated selling chai then slowly variety of chai. People start liking my Chai and then I got offered to my first chai outlet ( now a days this outlet is very busy where we are offering 35 variety of tea. Our most a part of Adrak Elaichi, Cutting Kdaak ,tandoori our most popular Chai is mummy kai hath wali chai, Mardo Wali Chai , Corporate wali chai and Dosto Wali Chai.

We open outlet 9 am and close 11 pm. Average sale is 30-40k per day.

So far it’s a year now I have 11 food brands like Chaat hour, Motulal Bhature wala, Chak De Punjab & Unlimited 24 going very good. From the last three month I have started selling franchise as well.

Now we have more than 15 offers to open outlet different part of India.

Our company dealing with corporate catering as well we are serving well known IT companies..

I am thankful to Modi ji who has started and in carriage youngster for start up.  . Whatever I was earing in aborad, with in year I am getting more then that.

Now I have only one wish to have a cup of tea with Modi ji and also free time I can also help people  how to startr business in india with low or no money and become successful entrepreneur

I was very much influenced with Mr Prime Minister Narender Modi ji. I came back india last year I left everything behind and follow up modi ji, I started from scratch  my start up in India with   started selling Chai,  now i have 11 food brand ( some are operational some we are on to it.) I am offering more than 35 variety of tea and soon we are launching our own variety of tea ( FMCG )

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