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Water and pumps are blended together in our history. For centuries pumps have been used to get drinking water out of the ground. In Old days manually or animal operated water wheels have been doing the role of motor pumps. Water is an important resource for our life. All human beings, animals, and birds required water. Pumps have also provided water for agriculture, especially in dry areas where surface water is scarce. Pumps can help irrigate land and get water from a great depth. In some countries and continents like the India, middle east, Europe, North America pumps have helped get rid of water to create new land for survival.In cases of flooding, pumps can be used to dry cellars, houses, roads, schools, agricultural land or factories; they help us to limit the damage from too much exposure to water.
We at GGM pumps craft each pump with utmost care, we want each of our motor pumps to last more than a lifetime. GGM pumps are the worldwide famous water pumps for quality, aesthetic design, and innovative technologies. GGM pumps’ Indian corporate office is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu from where India’s largest water pumps are manufactured for decades. Coimbatore Water pumps are world famous for its durability and quality and exported to Africa, Europe, America, Middle East and all over India

  Tell us about the journey of your business? What were the challenges that you faced?

   It was a journey which was having a lot of up and downs. Throughout this journey, there were plenty of obstacles like huge failures, dealing with stress and self-doubt, facing criticism, financial worries, time management, hiring right people, Marketing strategy, finding the right market, lost opportunities etc..

Most of the things which we are doing in the business may be doing it for the first time, so definitely there is a chance of failure. But now I can say that all that obstacles and challenges are good for you, through that crisis something good will evolve from that, if everything is going smoothly then we will do very little to improve ourselves or pursuing new opportunities,  so whenever facing a challenge don’t be panic, take it as an opportunity.

  Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of?

At GGM pumps we create each pump with keeping our customers utility of that pump in our mind, many of our projects involved pumping out water in remote areas, women and children bring drinking water after long walks, some places they bring water spending two to five hours of hard labour under the scorching sun. We at GGM pumps always motivate our employees showing the difference a water pump makes in the lives of people, most of them who have benefitted are women and children, the job to bring water is the job of women and children, many of them are too old. I am immensely proud that our pumps helped people easing their life. And we would like to continue making more pumps to ease the lives of millions of fortunate and unfortunate people.

  What is unique about your business and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

  GGM pumps are sturdy high-performance pumps with power saving technology, which comes with a very reasonable price, all our current pumps use 99.9% copper wires and come with the genuine warranty.

In the next five years, our target is to be available at 2000 counters across India and 2500 outlets globally. We plan to launch new products apart from water pumps through our trusted partners.

  What do you look for in an employee, and what are your responsibilities as an business owner?

  We see employees as a part of our family, the first thing we are looking for an employee is that, they should enjoy what they are doing, would like to associate with people who genuinely interested in what they are doing.

As a company CEO, my responsibility is to provide our employees with a better environment to work and growth prospects in their career. we would like to grow together, we believe without dedicated employees no company will go forward in the desired way to the future.

  What would be your suggestion to the budding entrepreneurs

  There are a lot of entrepreneurs entering the business thinking we can mint money without any effort and entrepreneurs life is just like movies, partying, fancy cars, always enjoying life  etc. but the fact is an entrepreneur works more, an employee can leave the office after the working timings, but you have to be there 24 x 7, you end up doing things that nobody ready to take, I am not denying that there are benefits also in the end.

Before starting a business, research the market, try to find what people think about it, do a feasibility study of your product or the company. Find all the possible negative and positive aspect of your venture.

After all these studies if you believe in your business just go for it. Focus on your business, there will be a time come you may be frustrated in the results or having financial worries, but stick to it don’t try to change or doing a new business, the main problem with entrepreneurs is they keep on changing businesses without running a business efficiently. Try to improve whatever you are doing on daily basis, you will be successful.


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