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Jayant Hudar, one of the most successful business coaches in the country, 3 times Amazon bestselling author, International Speaker and Master Coach of the International Academy of Business Coaches. Jayant Hudar has started more than 15 different and successful businesses since 1992. Jayant partnered with The Core ASSET limited from the UK in 2017 to bring the roots of CORE ASSET coaching to India.He has been critical in harnessing the growth for Medium Businesses and startups. A Brand & Image Consultant for companies and High profile individuals, Jayant dishes out his heart about Core Asset and speaks over a host of issues in line with the organization’s journey.

Why do you think that Business Growth Coaching is a good business to be in?

The main reason is that there is a tremendous need for coaching business owners in India. Core Asset India offers Business Growth Coaching and consulting services to Business owners who have stagnated or plateaued over the years.

Good quality and performance-based coaching reduces the failure rate of startups and existing established businesses. We started franchise licensing in the UK in 2017. We launched Core Asset in India in February 2018. We have 40+ partner Coaches in the UK and 8 coaches in India.

To meet the growing demand, we have now launched the ‘Coaches Coaching program in India’ by partnering with The International Academy of Business Coaches, a certifying arm of CORE ASSET LIMITED from the UK, these certified trained coaches offers WORLD CLASS and affordable Business growth coaching for Indian SME owners.  The Coaching is Formula-based, which means the results are guaranteed.

  What are the key aspects that demonstrate the uniqueness of the company?

  Most important Uniqueness is our BUSINESS GROWTH FORMULA and formula based proven and scientific growth framework. We offer guarantee on performance of Money back. That makes it risk free and No-brainer for Business owners to work with us.

Nothing is theory here; ours is arguably the largest SME based practical study carried out in the world. After which we have come out with the tried and tested Formulas, templates, processes and systems that ensure our clients’ success.

What emerged was a real insight into the tactics and strategies that were working for everyone. It’s the culmination of over 20 years of growing businesses, the result of probably thousands upon thousands of mistakes. It’s the culmination of tens of thousands of businesses applying our tools, tactics, strategies and FORMULA.

  What are your organization’s areas of expertise in line with the services offered?

  Our Services are for the Business Owners and Business Coaches. Our expertise is in coaching and consulting business owners and coaching the coaches for higher performance. We are also offering an opportunity to Indian Coaches to join us as Business partners… a Concept similar to Franchising, but without the normal constraints. We offer a Business License which is not limited to a geographical area. You can coach and consult anywhere in the world.

Our Coaches use tried and tested systems and processes to ensure that Small and Medium enterprises don’t just survive but thrive. Amazon’s best-selling book “The Ultimate Business Growth Formula”, authored by me, Jayant hudar & Steve Hackney explains everything that is being missed in most of the businesses and what needs to be done. Our clients are in 150+ business verticals. We help business owners to grow using our flagship Signature program called “Scientific Marketing Makeover” which is a key tool that demolishes the competitors within no time. It makes your sales department (almost) redundant or irrelevant at times. The process involves incorporating our 9 core elements to the existing marketing and sales.

  Brief us over the clientele of Core Asset?

  We worked with more than 1500 Chartered Accountants and more than 26,000+ business owners all over the world, including INDIA. Our target market is Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises. This segment is approx. 96% of the Indian business sector. We specialize in helping frustrated Business Owners Grow when they have hit a glass ceiling and cannot figure out how to move beyond it.

  As you look toward the future, what do you foresee for the future of business continuity?

  The potential in India is huge. World over, the business of coaching and consulting is growing at an amazing speed. We look to add 100+ coaches and 400+ Seminar Speakers as affiliates in India in 4 years. Indian Business Owners are opening their minds to mentoring and coaching for their businesses. Coaching as a complete business is quickly gaining popularity. However, it’s always baffled me why business owners don’t see how valuable a business coach can be. It’s a well-known fact that without a coach the most successful athletes or sports teams in the world, like our very own cricket team, would never reach or scale the heights they do. Running a business is no different.

  What are some of the learning’s in your life and what is your biggest dream?

  I firmly believe that you need to go the extra mile and deliver on your promises. When you are committed to provide great value to your Clients, you definitely reap well and grow well in life and in Business as well. My dream is to help at least 100,000 business owners in India to grow their businesses over the next 5 years. In the process, I hope to create enough value for everybody to live a good lifestyle like I have done here in India.

  A piece of advice for the young aspirants.

  My advice to Business owners is that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Learn from the top experts in the field. A good coach can shorten your learning curve and will help you reach your goals very fast.

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