Rayon Foods- Healthy and Nutritive

Tell us about yourself & about your Company?

Company Name: Rayon Foods Private Limited
Franchise Outlet Name: Finger Food Nation

a. Jasbir Singh Batra
(Has 33+ years experience in Business Strategy, New Market Entry and Business Development. He did graduation from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai.)
b. Gurminder Kaur Batra
(Has 14+ years experience in HR Recruitments.)

Rayon Foods Pvt Ltd: Rayon Foods was born out of the constant need for preparing delicious food that can be ready in minutes. Several urban Indian homes have both the partners working, which makes cooking a problem. They either have to rely on a cook, or they may end up eating outside food more than healthy home-cooked food. Similarly, restaurants and other food-serving establishments are looking for solutions where preparation time can be cut down to increase operational efficiency and guest experiences. Rayon Foods Pvt Ltd manufacture ready to eat Curries, Gravies, Biryani and Desserts.

Finger Food Nation: Finger Food Nation presents mouth-watering Indian cuisine as its finest. Relish the food that will surprise your taste buds. We use wholesome ingredients to prepare the sumptuous delicacies. Our authentic dishes are cooked under extremely hygienic conditions and served with lots of passion to recreate the flavors and aromas of homemade food.
Be it Dine in, Take away or Party Services, Finger Food Nation delivers everything at its finest.

What is the story behind your initiative?

Traditional cooking in India is a combination of dedicated culinary skills and an elaborate use of local ingredients, which makes way for a unique taste that is craved by food lovers around the globe. There is no doubt that authentic food comes from those kitchens that value time. Spices are roasted and then ground and eventually cooked for a long time before they render the right flavors for a dish. If you were to skip a step you would, most likely, end up with food that does not deliver that ‘oomph’ factor.

So, in an instantaneous world like this, how would you recreate a dish that could take hours to cook? Will it be possible to condone work or business for the sake of satiating your taste buds? 
Probably not.
But that still leaves us with the common problem of yearning for authentic Indian food without spending too much time in the kitchen.
And finally, a solution is available.

Rayon Foods discussed this common problem of the urban Indian home with 5-star chefs. After a lot of brainstorming and research, we found a way to deliver the same deliciousness of authentic meals in our ready-to-eat food packages.

Whether you are a homemaker, a business owner, a freelancer, or a nine-fiver, food in your kitchen can now taste just like those in five-star hotels. This will be possible with a very little prep time and even lesser effort. Our packaged foods recreate the same flavor and tastefulness of a dish like you had put all the hard work in it.

With the idea of delivering ‘good food, anytime and anywhere’, we use 100% natural ingredients with absolutely no use of preservatives or any harmful ingredients. This makes every Rayon Foods food healthy and nutritive.

Tell us about your achievement you are most proud of?

We visited Restaurants, Hotels, Five Star Hotels, Pubs and such outlets and pitched about our products and the benefits of joining hands with us by addressing the common problems faced by them in the kitchen and the overall operations.  We were able to click instant business with them and today, they are our esteemed customers.
Further when we came up with our business strategy to have our own brand outlets – Finger Food Nation, we started pitching the single owned exiting outlets of cafes, bakery, Momos and explained with them the benefits of taking franchisee of our brand to increase their revenues. This was done in March 2020 and here too we found instant success with many outlets wishing to take up our franchisee.

At the same time, we pitched the Distributors to feed these outlets with assured business and instantly we were able to appoint 4 Master Franchisee’s cum Distributors, with each such Master Franchisee to appoint 10 Franchisees each.
So today, in April 2020, we are sitting with commitments of 40 outlets without opening any company owned outlet. 

What were the difficulties that you confronted and how did you overcome them?

As explained earlier, we had addressed all the concerns even before approaching the probable Franchisee or Master Franchisee cum Distributors. This made us easier to get instant success.
This was possible due to strong marketing experience along with industry knowledge that the promoters possess.

If you had  one suggestion to somebody who just started , what would it be?

Grow your business tension free with small investment and high profit scalability.
By joining hands with Finger Food Nation, the investment and returns to:

  • Franchisee: Rs.5 Lakhs Investment with returns of over Rs.30k per month
  • Master Franchisee: Rs.6 Lakhs Investment with Rs.4.36 Lakhs returns Plus Rs.55k plus returns per month.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now?

We project a turnover of Rs.500 Cr with 3000 outlets in India, on a very pessimist side. In international markets, we intend to expand to UAE, UK, Canada, US, Australia, Thailand, Kenya, Fiji Island. We are already exporting to few countries but not under our brand, which we intend to slowly and gradually shift to our brand.

What is the secret behind the name? Why Rayon Foods?

Our group companies are under the same name as Rayon, like Rayon Capital ,Rayon HR Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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