Samar Shail Natural Farms: Grown by Nature!

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With a working force of 26 ( 20 women and 6 men ), Mr. Himkar Mishra spends 10 hours at his natural organic farm trying to help everyone around to live a fit lifestyle. This has been an amazing opportunity for us to interview him as he is an outstanding inspiration to everyone wanting to lead a healthy life

A) Tell us about the journey that you’ve covered and the problems you had to face.

It has been three and a half years so far. There were no major problems as such and all we had to do was plant trees. So, the problem, so to speak that we had to face was to invest capital and plant seeds and spend a lot of time for the same. It is an ancestral farm whose foundation was lit by my parents and the only difference that I had created was by investing my time to accelerate the pace of the organic produce being created.

B) How did you come up with idea of natural farming and what impact has it brought?

I took the concept of natural farming forward and everyday monitoring the work that was being done on my farm. It helped create a positive impact not only in the lives of people working there but majorly also in the environment.   
I was able to generate more employment for the women workforce on the farm thereby lifting them up from the social restraint of not being allowed to work.
It helped generate a lot of awareness of the goodness being brought out into the world due to the farm in the neighbouring areas.

C) When was the proudest you’ve been so far in regard to your work?

The proudest that I’ve felt was when members of the Eco Task force of the Indian army and the agricultural advisor of Haryana government came to visit my farm and felt mesmerized with the farm post the head of News 18 Bihar did a story on our farm for the same.

D)  Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

In the next five years, I see myself as a leading established supplier of lemons, pink pepper, turmeric, mangoes, litchis, honey and everything that I produce on my farm. Helping me emerge as one of the top players in the agricultural field.

E) Once you’ve established yourself as a brand, are there any changes that you’d make in your productions?

As much of our produce is currently being sold by word of mouth, on establishment I would bring major changes in the packaging process and introducing customer friendly processes that involve feedback inputs, turning the society organic and healthy

F) Do you think being marketed on social media will help your business?

Yes, social media will provide us a long-awaited boost to our business. Since the social media reach is go farther to most states of the nation and internationally as well, networking for the same is very effective. It helps to reach a wider audience and on intake it would help improve their health and bring happiness into their lives as it has brought in mine.

G) Are there any words of advice that you’d like to give to the budding entrepreneurs of the world?

My advice to anyone who wishes to bring about a difference into the world is – “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

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