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After an interval of 16 years A&W finally return to Singapore

After a halt for 16 years, A&W have opened their company-owned flagship restaurant at the Changi airport. The airport acting as a hub for both local and international guests has A&W opened 24 hours having seats for around 80 guests.

A&W’S history traces back to more than 50 years. Being unforgotten due to the left traces back in 1966, A&W has been an all-American quick service restaurant luring customers to even wait in line for three hours for the brand’s signature Root Beer and other regional and American favourites.

After decades in the country, A&W pulled its roots out of Singapore in 2003 having 5 outlets then.

It took 16 counting years to come and re-establish the brand with modified delicacies. There’s also a possibility for a second outlet in the country by June 2019.

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