The Emerging Retail Franchise In India

retail-indiaThe retail sector in India is getting bigger and bigger. Chances are, when you would’ve finished this sentence it must have grown at least in bits and pieces if not much. That’s the scale and intensiveness at which it is growing. Retail sector of of our country contributes about 8% to the employment sector and 22% of India’s gross domestic product. This data gives us a glimpse of its capacity for generating business opportunities.

Retailing can be called one of the strongest pillars for India’s economy as India is one of the fastest growing retail market in the world, with approximately 1.2 billion people.


Earlier the retailing industry was basically owner manned small shops. However, nowdays the scene is not the exact same, larger format stores  like super markets took over about 4 % of the industry employing about 40 million people who are necessarily Indians.

Wide variety

The retail industry includes varied segments like clothing, food, beverages and convenience stores. So, being a responsible and committed company franchisezing offers the finest and most lucrative brands to its customers for franchsing and business opportunties some of which are listed below.

US dollar store

The U.S. dollar store gives you about 20 categories with over 10,000 top notch quality products. It offers best national as well internatioal brands to its customers from all walks of life and income levels.

The U.S. dollar store has got the reputation of providing a unique blend of customer experience which is satisfying as well as delighting emotionally as well as economically. Moreover the staff is friendly and with the blend of cutting edge technology it proves to be cherry on the top of the ever  delicious cake, in which case, what else?


Aum zone can be counted amongst the trusted spiritual brand operating with the iconic vision of bridging the gap between divine providence and the humble by providing high quality and spiritually escalated products.


If you want the best possible quality products for your little one, lilliput is the best choice. Lilliput has got everything in its pandora box to satisfy all the needs of the mischevious years of one’s life- from infancy to pre-teens.

Lilliput just doesn’t sell its products only for profits, obviously it is one aspect of doing business. It has other objectives as well in mind while producing the high quality clothes like covering the star of your life in the best-possible garment with non-abrasvie easy iron clothing (ph level-7), low formal dehyde content.


It can be called one of the leading and most affordable retail gifts shop franchise brand providing beneficial and low cost business opportunities. It has got a proven business model to satisfy the customers needs. The return on investment is high as well making it a nice business opportunity which is best for business.

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