TRP: A Unique Franchise Business

The Rolling Plate is a pioneer of an ingenious business model in the Food & Beverage Industry. We love our food and our passion for it has helped us to perfect our craft of making the best food available to our customers. Having Multiple F&B home-made brands under our kitty, we provide a unique combination of food and online business helpful for every segment of people.

So, be it customers’ quirkiest cravings, or the most monstrous of appetites, our brands are here to surprise them with something perfect every single time. We literally accented Indian food with global touches and have created unique fusion menus. Be it our brand Bhukha Sher, or Raja bhoj & Co.or Ballu Bawarchi, all target unique taste segments of the market. The decadence of taste, flavour and goodness of food is embedded in every layer of the our brands’ experience.

Flavourful, fast, fresh and fine. These four words summarize the essence of how our food is. We at The Rolling Plate, pride ourselves in serving the freshest, most flavourful and hygienic food in town! We are fiercely devoted to hygiene and technique and use healthy, fresh and seasonal ingredients. From mains to the condiments, almost everything that favours the Indian market taste buds is covered by our brands. Well priced with an exceptionally wide selection of different cuisines we invite you to discover one of the finest business models in Indian F&B industry today.

India undoubtedly is world’s culinary capital and the soul of the country is intricately connected to the vast array of food options available all throughout it. Just like India, The rolling plate is a true embodiment of unity in diversity – the true democratic franchisee that unites all foods with its variety of shapes, sizes, breads, fillings, consumption time/age/ occasions, yet united by it’s purity and taste. Our menu is all about the heart – about feelings, about the experience, about the love of our communities and of course, about the deep and passionate love for food which make us a unique business model.

Come, experience all the goodness in a world divided by borders, caste, creed, religion, gender, language but united by food. Come, let’s roll – while we get everything ready on your plate!

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