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Unique Designer Precious Jewellery Launched , The Padmaja Collection by Pooja Nigam

PadmaRetail News India: New Delhi, December 12, 2014: Pooja Nigam’s debut precious designer jewellery collection was show-cased in the Capital – The Padmaja Collection is an exquisite collection of precious jewellery crafted by award winning craftsmen with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds in gold.  Inspired from the lotus flower (Padma) and mother Lakshmi (ja), the jewels are meant to adorn ladies who would like their jewellery to convey their personality. This collections is most suited for young brides who blossom like the lotus flower, the reason Pooja has sleced to show-case her maiden collection at Vivaha – the annual fair for all things necessary to organize the Giant Indian Wedding.

Pooja has taken the less travelled route – of offering women the option of getting jewellery designed for each occasion as per their personal inspiration. “Jewellery is such a personal item, and it is preserved by our prodigy through many generations.  It must reflect who we are and what we stand for, much more than clothes”, maintains Pooja, a qualified gemologist.  “Most brides spend so much thought and effort in getting their out-fits for this momentous occasion designed meticulously, but end up with factory produced jewellery that has no connection to their self. Whatever you wear for your wedding or for any special occasion has special emotional connect, therefore should capture your feelings, my attempt is to do that, to create the jewellery according to the occasion and the wearers individuality”, Pooja informs.

Pooja, who herself is inspired by the beauty of nature, has designed the first collections of 11 sets on shapes and contours of flowers, birds, fish and leaves. She plans to get to know her clients on a personal level, learning about their individual motivations and pleasures, before designing and creating for them.


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