Vineet Singh : The Art Of Mining And Crushing.

Tell us about your business & what were the challenges that you faced so far?

About business : Hari om stone crusher and mining is Aggregate/crushed stone manufacturing business. In simple words we do mining of right quality of boulders and then we use industrial machinery to crush these boulders in to small stones which can be used in construction purpose. 

Challenges:  Acquiring all the legal permissions is on top of the list. The second one was arrangement of funds, finding skilled workers and labours for technical and non technical work, approaching new clients and increasing competition are major challenges.

Tell us about your achievement you are most proud of?

I feel proud that because of this business i am able to help some of the local residents and their families to earn their living while not having to migrate to other city or state in search of job.

What is your USP and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

  These are the USP of our business : 

  • We provide one of the best quality of aggregate/crushed stone in central India. 
  • We manufacture all size of crushed stone whether it is for use of railways, roads or buildings.
  • We provide the most competitive rates.

    India is a developing country and more and more construction is going to take place whether it will be in railways, roads or building all these sectors need aggregate as it is basic raw material for construction. In next 5 years i see myself expanding to other verticals of this business and i will be expanding to other line of business as well. 

How difficult is it to stay in this industry nowadays?

  Staying in this line of business is very difficult these days mainly because of 4 factors. 

  1. First one is competition which have reduced the profits to minimum level.
  2. Second is legal factors, getting all the legal permissions and its renewal is a difficult task as new rules come every year. 
  3. Third is limited resources. 
  4. Fourth is economical factors, these days this one play the most important role.

How much do you think that social media helps you to work more effectively in knowing your audience or knowing what’s new in the market?

Listing my business online in various platforms helped me in reaching new client which i dont think would have been possible for me to acquire directly. 

About the social media, till now have not proven to be very effective in knowing the audience and not even for knowing any thing new in the market for this line of business. But i think maintaining a social media presence will help in long term. 

What would be your suggestion to the budding entrepreneurs?

  There are meny challanges in this line of business but if you are good with workers, have sufficient funds, have contacts and most importantly have a will to not give up then there is no stopping.

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