Wok On Fire: Leading Brand In Food Industry

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India land of hope and vibrancy has had a long prediction of entrepreneurship and our entrepreneurs have contributed immensely to our country’s economic progress and international standing. Entrepreneurs are usually innovative and are bringing innovative ways through which they can make their businesses better & internationally competitive. “WOK ON FIRE” First concept restaurant was launched in Surat city in the year 2012. What we call WOK ON FIRE is the brand name of” Mr. Mischief Hospitality” & “Mr. Mischief Food Co. “ Which came into existence through undeviating efforts of two old foodie friends i.e Mr. Sohil Panjwani& Mr. Nishant Bhagat. Now, we are such a stage that giving out our franchise has become highly profitable for both us and the investors. Developing a Quick Service restaurant with creativity & offering premium quality Chinese cuisine based on INDO CHINESE regional recipes was a well thought out business strategy. The unbeatable growth strategy of the company was based on the discipline expansion of its units, hence success continue & within a year they opened yet another outlet in the city. Frequent competition from the existing & new restaurants has always kept these motivated individuals to diversify into new location. The third outlet was opened in Ahmedabad. ''WOK ON FIRE'' franchise opportunity is perhaps the best business opportunity in food and beverage industry. ''WOK ON FIRE'' is the best vegetarian restaurant franchise. The approach was to consciously focus on core objectives of delivering exceptional dining experience to simplicity. Understanding the level and the degree of competition posed by the culinary school graduates that enter the food industry with strong inclination towards fine dining & lack of entry barriers for anybody to start a restaurant has made WOK ON FIRE work through their innovative skills. Maintaining operational margins through a combination of menu price, increases cost control, careful evaluation of property, required equipment & efficient purchasing practices were rigorously evaluated against the ever changing consumers need. The key driving force has been the marketing of their entire offerings in way in which it is differentiated from their competitors in every facet. This concept restaurant quickly has gained prominence as it did not disgrace from its core business & above all quality was highly maintained. Today WOK ON FIRE has unbeatable presence:- 3 in Surat. 1 in Vadodara. 2 in Ahmedabad. PRE- OPENING DESTINATIONS 1 in Rajkot. 1 in Pune. 2 in Mumbai. FUTURE VISION Rajasthan. Maharashtra. Madhya Pradesh.

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