1964- Meal Factory, The Master of Kitchen..

1964 Meal factory is basically a “Theme Based Restaurant Concept” but we have its Cloud Kitchen Concept available also.

1964 Meal Factory has a very Unique Menu, We made it with so much of love and passion for making Tasty and Healthy Food. Being Indori we love eating food which is tasty as well healthy too and we want to spread our this Indori culture to the whole world…

1964 Meal Factory contains food varieties from Breakfast to Lunch and Lunch to Dinner. Our  Menu contains Soup, Street Corner Food Items as starters, Green and Paneer Sabjiya, varieties in Rice, Dal, differnet types of Parathas and Naan, Desserts,  Lassi, Shakes, Coffee, Papad, Raita, Salad and “Our Best Meal Combos”, which attracts the customers most…..

We started our this 1964 Meal Factory in 2012 and started providing its Franchise since 2014 and from that year till now….its growing countlessly…because we keep correcting our mistakes and time to time improving our menu content also.
We give most of our time on creating new and exciting taste in our food to keep engaging our customers with us only!

Because our Brand focus on satisfying trending food demand of our customers.

If one question is arising in your mind why we take 1964 Meal Factory Franchise?

Then our answer is…

Because we are with you at every step, in every way! and this is not a sentence of saying, we work very hard to maintain our this guidelines . You can communicate with our old Franchisers, who are happily satisfied with our services since 2014. You the Franchisers….can visit our old Outlets, tastes our food in any of our outlet and can clear all your questions with them.

We are very honest with our Franchisers because we want to grow our this Brand culture to all over the World, We are going to open Internationally very soon too.

Requirements to Open 1964 Meal Factory Brand-

A Commercial property owned/rented or leased at a prime location ad-measuring minimum 300 sq-ft along with basic amenities like power, water connection etc. High foot fall areas like Bus Stands,Railway Stations, Malls, Market Place or places near school or college or any other crowded Residential area should be preferred.

Investment Required-
Interiors Approx 2.5 Lacs* ( Investment are based on as per the Infrastructure, dimension only, it may vary according to area/location/Infra etc )
Kitchen Equipment Approx – 1.50 lacs*.
Franchise Fee – 2.5 lacs* + Taxes Extra.
Project Cost Approx – 5 to 6 lacs*.

Your Potential Returns-
Profit Margin – Approx 50%, Royalty – 0%, Operational Cost – 20%, Food Cost* – Approx -30% ( For more info call our executive )

Our Services –
-We Provide free Software Support,
-End to End Logistic Support,
-Purchase Support through Our Vendor Network,
-Providing Staff Training*
-Site Selection Assistance.
-Standardized and Quality Raw Material*
-Planned and Organized Business Concept.

We take No Profit Sharing and no Royalty , our franchisers have to pay one time Franchise fee for Life time Services,
Our Training contains Zero wastage food product, and we provide our very helpful assistance until and after Grand Opening.

You can contact us any time for your queries regarding 1964 Meal Factory Franchise, because

We are with you at every step, in every way!

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