Love for Food and Making a Living Out of It by Shashank

Food is that basic element that connects us all and something that is an inevitable part of our life. Food unites us all, is undivided by country, religion, and people. Sure, the type, taste, preparation & preferences vary from one place to another but it is always of interest to each and every person.

People are curious when it comes to food, they love to eat and also love to cook. A real foodie is always interested to do just more than eating/cooking. Food makes up the livelihood of so many different professionals around the globe, ranging from being a Chef, a waiter, a blogger, a critique and not to miss out even an Entrepreneur. All the foodies out there, I am sure you all at some point or the other have thought of making a living out of food. For us Indians, the first thing that comes naturally to our mind when thinking of starting our own business is in a way or the other associated with food. Taking the trend further and providing an opportunity to budding entrepreneurs, Food Franchise is quite an attractive proposition besides creating your own brand.

Both the options have their own set of risks & rewards undertaking a Food Franchise lets you get attached to a brand (which is a huge head start for any business) and all the machinery, processes & taste will be consistent throughout, starting/creating your own brand lets you built on the unmatched independence and scalability opportunities and you can play in your own comfort zone. One needs to have a novelty/uniqueness / USP to start and build a successful brand. In the last couple of years, the newer trend of ‘’Cloud Kitchen’’ has helped the Food industry take a new route altogether to serve the masses. The concept of Cloud Kitchen helps keep the entrepreneur/restaurateurs’ focus on the main aspect of service, which is the quality of food. The logistical part of the food supply is taken over by the third party which is the more established firms like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. This model works on a profit-sharing basis but the advantage remains with the Food provider as they don’t need to necessarily have a physical restaurant of their own.

Within the current scheme of things, with COVID-19 underway, gradually the trend in the food industry will move further in favor of the Cloud Kitchen Franchise’’. This will pick up as the hygiene factor, social distancing and idea of having the restaurant food at your own convenient location prevails. In all we believe, this will make the Profitable Food business as the capital costs would go down. Come be a part of this change by partnering with some exciting food franchises on our portal.

There are many brands that give Cloud Kitchen Franchises as Dhaba Cafe, The Rolling Plate, The Chicken Co., 1964 Meal Factory, Dostea Cafe, and many more.

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