Mr. Tushar Malik – Education Consultant for Subharti University

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  Subharti University is one of the among popular and deemed university and is gaining its position in the Education Field. Mr. Tushar Malik is a Education provider for the Subharti University and has enrolled more than 90 students this year for graduation and post graduation.The University has Provided one of its exam centre in Ghaziabad and Noida with 8 employees.Mr. Malik is planning to expand the business across Delhi and NCR to be able to reach out in every corner to help people get educated.
  Why did you start ? what attracted you to this role?   I have always been a  helpful person, and since I got my conscious I thought why not to do good to people by guiding and consulting them and as education is the primary thing i thought of doing something in this field so I decided to start something of my own which benefits me as well as the society. So i entered this field and now i am an Education Consultant for Subharti University and I think  educating someone is one of the best way to help your nation/country.I have Enrolled more than 90 students this year for Graduation and Post Graduation.

  What is your expansion plan and where do you see yourself in 5 years?   My Plan is to enroll maximum possible number of students and also to  motivate rural people for education and help them out in each and every possible way . And if I talk about “where I will be in next 5 years ?” So, I think I’ll be amongst the top 100 Education Consultants in India.

  What was the reason to choose Subharti University?   Subharti University is gaining its position in the field of education as a deemed university in Uttar Pradesh as well as in Delhi NCR. And according to me starting with someone new in the market and then making your position is worthy, as compared to choosing reputed Universities.

  What is your responsibilities as a education provider?   My responsibilities are:- Provide education material as subscribed by university. Aware each and every student about the syllabus and examination. Provide classes with highly professional/educated lecturer. And most important is to provide free registration to people coming from lower backgrounds.

  How much do you think that social media helps to work more effectively?   Social media is one of the best tool for gathering information about anything, there are lots of pages,blogs on social media which helps student as well as people like me.Social media have different way of approach of connecting, for me its helpful I the way of providing information to students .

  What is your philosophy about education? Education is a fundamental right (Article 21A) of everyone,I think that every child in this country must recieve education and atleast primary education because that sets your foundation and I am just trying my level best to provide it .

  Is your business Franchisable?   No, the business is not Franchisable.

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