Pre-School/ Play School Franchise Business


Unverified Opportunity
J M C Future Eduventure Pvt. Ltd.
Established 2014
Franchise Started 2014
Owned Outlets 0
Franchise Outlets 8
Investment Requirement 2,00,001 - 5,00,000
Space Requirement 1000

Brand Profile

The Little Scholar’s is the first educational venture of J M C Future Eduventure Pvt. Ltd. which thoughtfully mapped and designed ‘pre-school’ model for the little learners. At The Little Scholar’s we ensure to provide stimulating ambience where the children enjoy the atmosphere and get the opportunities to develop learning dispositions that remain with them throughout their lives. The Little Scholar’s caters to the age group of 2 to 6 year old kids and offers the best of teaching methodologies in pre school. We strive to facilitate children build a good, age appropriate foundation, stimulate their curiosity and develop their sense of confidence.

Why "The Little Scholar's"?
- 30+years of collaborative experience in the education sector
- The team having successfully rolled out 200+ centres of leading preschool brands across India
- Rich experienced Academic Team
- Ready Digital Teaching Manuals, Operations’ Manual,
- Student Kit/accessories

- Strong Centre Support:
Dedicated academic team members for periodic evaluation and monitoring academic progression, Teacher Training, guiding academic delivery, coordinate in conducting various event(s), seminar(s) etc.
Dedicated support team members available to facilitate local promotion, enrollment enhancement, Facilitate Academic recruitment

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Single Unit Investment for THE LITTLE SCHOLAR'S

Sl Heading Description
1 Expected Investment 2,00,001 - 5,00,000
2 Investments Includes Franchise Fee: 200000
Equipments: 300000
Furniture and Fixtures:
Advertising / Marketing:
3 Capital Investment 500000
4 Expected Payback Period 1 yr
5 Expected ROI 300%
6 Other Investment needed

Master Franchise Investment for THE LITTLE SCHOLAR'S

Sl Heading Description
1 Expected Investment
2 Franchise Fee
3 Investments Includes Furniture and Fixtures:
Advertising / Marketing:
4 Capital Investment

Important Points for THE LITTLE SCHOLAR'S Franchise

Sl Heading Description
1 Franchise Training Program Training Program available for the franchisee
Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
2 Franchise Training Venue Franchise Site
3 Franchise available in Regions Central
4 Area/Site Preference 1
5 Minimum Floor Area needed 1000
6 Term of Franchise Agreement 3
Franchise Agreement is renewable
7 Other Important Points Minimum Guarantee given:
Facility provided: 300000
Master Franchise Available
Site Select Help given

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