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SHR Lifestyles PVT. LTD.
Established 2009
Franchise Started 2014
Owned Outlets 3
Franchise Outlets 11
Investment Requirement 10,00,001 - 15,00,000
Space Requirement minimum 300 sqft

Brand Profile

Brand SHREE, a division of the prestigious SHR Lifestyle is dedicated towards providing various lifestyle product categories in India and abroad. Comprising of various category brands dealing in specific product categories selling in all the major e-commerce portals and mega retails, we aim at providing the best possible quality products at the lowest possible prices to our audience.
Producing product categories varying from men’s wear to women’s wear this division manages brands like Shree - The Indian Avatar, Dandy, Hotberries, Miller & Schweizer and Plums & Peaches. While brands like Shree - The Indian Avatar accords in manufacturing casual kurtis and couture category kurtis respectively for women, Hotberries brings trendy western casuals and accessories for her, Dandy dedicates itself to bring forth to both sexes high trend accessories like bags, clutches, wallets, belts etc, brand like Miller & Schweizer is totally dedicated towards men’s wear whereas Plums & Peaches vends nightwear for women.
SHREE Lifestyle represents a global lifestyle that’s a mix of cultures, trends and traditions. It is a local destination for the Indian inspired luxury lifestyle, created for today\'s stylish, global citizen. All the operating brands being a major success on all the e-commerce platforms, we take our steps forward to reach newer heights. Category brands like Shree - The Indian Avatar and Hotberries has been continuously standing on the epitome of the best sellers mark on major e-commerce platforms like and whereas our other brands too have proved to be hot-sellers on this platform and are continuously making a mark ahead. Major retailers like Walmart, TPG, V-Mart etc have been selling our brands and even on this platform our brands seem to do well beyond expectations.
The division is supported by the pillars of a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who struggle and strive to achieve the impossible led by high managerial and futuristic approach. Dedicated production and resource outfits along with in-house cutting, finishing and packing units followed by extended distribution and warehousing in Delhi strengthens the entire process giving us an upper hand on any processing barrier that might come across.
We are professionally managed group in the apparel manufacturing arena and have consistently grown with our quality oriented and cost-effective projects. As for our near future, a number of projects are already under operation and our journey to the pick of the industry keeps the ball rolling.

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Single Unit Investment for SHREE

Sl Heading Description
1 Expected Investment 10,00,001 - 15,00,000
2 Investments Includes Franchise Fee: 3 lac Non refundable
Equipments: by franchisee
Furniture and Fixtures: @ 500 per sqft by Franchisee, Store layout suggestion by Brand- Optional
Advertising / Marketing: Basic Advt/mktng included in franchise fee, other sharing optional
3 Capital Investment @ 4000 per sqft refundable on Stock investment
4 Expected Payback Period 1-2 years
5 Expected ROI aprox average 107%
6 Other Investment needed @ 4000 per sqft refundable on Stock investment min req for good conversion

Master Franchise Investment for SHREE

Sl Heading Description
1 Expected Investment 50,00,001 - 1 crore
2 Franchise Fee 3-5 lac Non refundable per franchise store by MF
3 Investments Includes Furniture and Fixtures: By Franchise @ 500 / sqft- optional
Advertising / Marketing: Basic Advt/mktng included in franchise fee, other sharing optional
4 Capital Investment @ 4000 per sqft refundable on Stock investment min

Important Points for SHREE Franchise

Sl Heading Description
1 Franchise Training Program Training Program available for the franchisee
Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
2 Franchise Training Venue Head Office
3 Franchise available in Regions Central
4 Area/Site Preference 012
5 Minimum Floor Area needed minimum 300 sqft
6 Term of Franchise Agreement 5
Franchise Agreement is renewable
7 Other Important Points Minimum Guarantee given:
Facility provided: by franchisee
Master Franchise Available
Site Select Help given