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Unverified Opportunity
ARD Consortium
Established 2014
Franchise Started 2014
Owned Outlets 1
Franchise Outlets 0
Investment Requirement 2,00,001 - 5,00,000
Space Requirement 100-125 SQFT

Brand Profile

A travel portal that provides online as well as offline travel facilities. We have made sure that the price that we are offering is attractive and competitive be it Flight, Bus, Car, Hotels or Holiday Packages.
In order to bring the price down in this cut throat competition we have managed to work with the local suppliers of national as well as International destinations.
We as a team want to build a very strong network of travel-agents (B2B) around the country. We want to work with them to understand their customers and offer solutions based on their requirements, rather than vaguely opening offices everywhere, because we know that for a business to succeed it takes a team effort and our team is ‘the network of independent travel-agents’. In addition to working with local agents we are keen to build the name ‘My Travel Diary’ and it value nationally as well as internationally while helping the company as well as the team of agents who will be working with us from around the country to grow enormously.
Training and development program will help our partners with more and more insights on the vision and mission of the company and their future growth. One can never grow alone. Unless you help others grow, you cannot grow. This simply means if the company want to increase its turnover, the only way it is possible is to help its team, the team of travel agents, to grow.
We don't have any limitations or drawback. We are a full fledged travel company that offers all the travel facilities under its umbrella My Travel Diary and when we say all the facilities we actually mean it. We work for the franchise and its not our commitment its our business model...

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Single Unit Investment for MYTRAVELDIARY.IN

Sl Heading Description
1 Expected Investment 2,00,001 - 5,00,000
2 Investments Includes Franchise Fee: 2,50,000
Equipments: Closed User Group mobile phones,Computer System,Swap Card Machine
Furniture and Fixtures: Wooden Couch,
Advertising / Marketing: Online Marketing, Regional Marketing, Franchise Based Marketing, Brochure, Pamphlets
3 Capital Investment Less than 5 Lakhs
4 Expected Payback Period 1 Year and 2 Months
5 Expected ROI 5 Percent
6 Other Investment needed Office Space of 100 SQFT

Master Franchise Investment for MYTRAVELDIARY.IN

Sl Heading Description
1 Expected Investment
2 Franchise Fee
3 Investments Includes Furniture and Fixtures:
Advertising / Marketing:
4 Capital Investment

Important Points for MYTRAVELDIARY.IN Franchise

Sl Heading Description
1 Franchise Training Program Training Program available for the franchisee
Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
2 Franchise Training Venue Head Office
3 Franchise available in Regions Central
4 Area/Site Preference
5 Minimum Floor Area needed 100-125 SQFT
6 Term of Franchise Agreement 3 Years
Franchise Agreement is renewable
7 Other Important Points Minimum Guarantee given:
Facility provided: Closed User Group mobile phones,Computer System,Swap Card Machine
Master Franchise Available
Site Select Help given

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